Saturday, February 21, 2015

Living with Dementia (Dementia ka Safar)

Over the past few months there has been quite a local campaign to raise awareness of dementia and other degenerative brain conditions. The Redbridge Faith Forum (RFF) has held a series of repeated workshops at various faith centres entitled “ Towards Dementia Friendly Faith Communities”, the last of which is next Tuesday afternoon at the VHP Hindu centre in Ilford. There is also a wider campaign by other groups to make Redbridge a Dementia friendly borough. Barkingside 21 has been represented at these meetings and fully support this initiative.

If you have missed any of this, coming up on Wednesday 4th March, and following on from these workshops, there is a RFF session at Fullwell Cross library on caring for those living with dementia and their caregivers. Also on the afternoon of Thursday 19th March there will be a play (in English) titled “Dementia’s Journey” put on by the EKTA Project at Barkingside Methodist Church in Fremantle Road.
EKTA Project through its work with Asian Elders for 27 years has come across many issues concerning them and their families. EKTA Project has successfully developed plays in raising awareness about various issues that have remained unaddressed and hidden due to stigma, shame and lack of awareness in the community.

Dementia is one such issue that has been largely ignored in Asian communities.

Alzheimer’s Society’s ‘Dementia UK Update’ shows that there will be 850,000 people living with dementia in UK in 2015. Of these, 25,000 people are from black and minority ethnic groups in UK. It's estimated that there are another 416,000 people in England living with Dementia who have not been diagnosed. This figure is definitely a cause for concern and hence the need was felt to raise awareness in the community.

EKTA Project has developed a play entitled 'Dementia's Journey' ('Dementia ka Safar' in Hindi) to bring about awareness in an attempt to dissolve the social barriers that prevent the community from addressing the onset of dementia in their families. This play is based on EKTA’s direct experience of the confusion and difficulties faced by the elders and their carer’s.
The play will be premiered at the Theatre Royal, Stratford on 7th March and then performed at a range of venues in East London with some performaces in Hindi and some in English. For a full list please contact EKTA at Tel: 020 8514 5221 or E-mail:

Finally, not to be outdone, we have Caroline Wairia from the Alzheimer’s Society coming to talk to us at our coffee morning on Tuesday 26th May.

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