Monday, February 02, 2015

Licence to Thrill

For my sins I get sent a weekly digest of Redbridge licence applications by email for publication on Notice Boards. These are usually pretty dry reading but I do sometimes get advance notification of events, which is good. This week though, was a good one for getting my attention. Apart from yet another application for a late night session from La Sala in Woodford Bridge which Paul Canal, aka @RedbridgeBlue, will no doubt be delighted about, we had this one, below, which almost made my eyes pop out.

It relates to Kukus Nest in Goodmayes Road, which is advertised as a restaurant but apparently is not, at least according to Redbridge Police. Here’s their submission for a licence review from Sergeant Douglas Fyfe:
Prevention of Crime and Disorder & Public Safety
There have been a number of serious incidents of disorder and violence with injury at or associated with the premises, and repeated breaches of licence conditions. Alcohol has been supplied other than ancillary to the purchase of a substantial meal, which the premises has no realistic means of providing. The premises no longer exists in the form defined by the licence which therefore does not authorise the sale of alcohol, which has continued nonetheless. Since 1 January 2015 one customer has been stabbed, one member of staff seriously assaulted and a customer has stolen a motor vehicle, driving it at a Police Officer and ramming a Police car, which resulted in a large scale public disturbance. Alcohol has been supplied without a Designated Premises Superviser. The Premises Licence Holder and his staff have failed to co-operate with Police enquiries, or produce CCTV footage on request, as required by the licence. Patrons have been admitted to the premises in excess of the number contained in the Fire Risk Assessment, which in any event related to a larger premises than currently exists, and fire escape doors have been locked whilst premises was open to public. The premises licence holder has permitted patrons to use cannabis openly on the premises.
This, ladies and gentlemen, is why we have “red tape” otherwise known as regulations.

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