Monday, February 16, 2015

Brian’s Barkingside ARCHitecture

It’s taken a while and it’s still not finished yet, but all good things come to those who wait. Here are some photos sent in by Alfred. First up we have the wonderful sight of the new pocket park in Virginia Gardens, an open space to enjoy that was once hidden behind a 12' brick wall and unused. It appears to have taken on the local name of “Telly Tubby Land” but this is not a reference to any local councillor past or present.

And here we have the Arches under which we will dream our dreams away. Mirroring the arches on the Grade II listed library to the left they blend and exude an aura of East London promise and the delights of what is to come in the open markets of prosperity.

The stage is set outside the entrance to what was until recently our only public swimming pool. Midsummer music awaits us and perhaps pop-up outdoor theatre emanating from a doorway on Oakfield Road, Ilford.

The steps that form the new entrance to the library will be the place for local sages, poets, thinkers, artists, philosophers and revolutionaries to sit and debate the perennial question “What did Redbridge Council ever do for us?” before they adjourn to the hostelry across the road.

And just round the corner, where the cobbles used to be, the prospect of a new community allotment awaits.


  1. The pocket park is great, but where are the seats? We old folk like to sit and dream - and the grass is a long way down. Otherwise, terrific!

  2. it also looks good at night..i do hate to be a sinic but it looks like its unfinished and the stairs leading up to the entrance look rather slippery more so when wet and I don't like the sharp corners. it seems as if someone needs to come and finish it off the Christmas tree electric plug point looks shoddy (the tree don't look god as well) its a shame that yet again Redbridge have not seen this one through ..if they are they are being very slow it makes me feel once again that an unfinished gesture has been made like the entrance stone thingy into Fairlop waters (near the zebra crossing) maybe our enthusiastic energetic councillor Mr Streeting can get on to the council dept that deals or no deals with it