Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Glasbury Waters

In the wake of the decision by Redbridge Council to close and sell off Glasbury House saving £70k per year ...

A Redbridge council committee last night gave the go-ahead to plans to build £400K of outdoor facilities at Fairlop Waters in Barkingside - WWGuardian

Meanwhile ….

140 Redbridge council employees could be made redundant, a budget report has revealed - WWGuardian

and ….

Community fearful over effect of proposed reduction in services at some children's centres and library closures in council cuts - WWGuardian

The deputy leader of the council, Wes Streeting, said: “Worse cuts ahead than that [Glasbury], I can tell you.”


  1. Fairlop Water development is good news as it will be good for days out with the children. Sounds like a fair compromise against the backdrop of Glasbury Housing closing.

  2. Both my daughters went to Glasbury while they were at school and had the opportunity to try activities which they would not otherwise have attempted - potholing, for example, and canoeing - with the wuss of a mother that they had. They also experienced communal living in dormitories with shared facilities. I consider that this kind of activity is eye-opening, character building and gives our overprotected and somewhat pampered youngsters an insight into different kinds of life.

    Many thousands of Redbridge children have enjoyed a week of that kind of activity, as well as field study courses for GCSE and A-level. I am very sad that these experiences will be denied to future generations and, personally, do not consider the expenditure of a further very large sum at Fairlop Waters as a fair exchange, unless of course they are planning to offer all that Glasbury provides.