Thursday, January 08, 2015

Enter the Oak

Today Barkingside 21 and Fairlop Heritage Group went down to the southern entrance to Fairlop Waters to see the new Art Work entrance to the upgraded pathway that forms part of the Greenway network. The route comprises over a mile (1.2km) of upgraded path and a new raised boardwalk, built to enhance the habitat of great crested newts and the other varied wildlife which Fairlop Waters is home to.

The work by local artist Jason Parker was commissioned by Sustrans to celebrate the nature, history and life of the local area. The sculpture consists of a wood-henge of solid oak posts arranged in a circle the same diameter as the famous colossal ‘Fairlop Oak’, for which the local area is named.

The ten foot (3m) high posts are carved with eight reliefs, depicting local nature and history:
  • Aeroplane propeller
  • Germinating acorn
  • Duck and great crested newt
  • Fairlop forester
  • Kestrel and vole
  • Climber
  • Pair of oars
  • Block-and-tackle


  1. .1.2 km is three quarters of a mile.

    1. So it is. I've crossed it out, thx.
      Never did understand EU measures ...

    2. Kilometres are not EU measures, the metric system was developed largely during the 19th century, though its origins go back earlier.

  2. i do hope that the "whatever arch thingy" at the paths forest road entrance near the zebra crossing has had a safty test done on it to test if it will not blow over in a strong wind

  3. hey mr bside 21 you should check out- the avenues tress hull-....what a great idea

  4. Who decides what is good and what is bad for newts or slow worms? Not newts or slow worms, I suspect!

  5. Who's side are the newts and slow worms on?

  6. Does anybody suspect that newts and slow worms are used as an excuse to do bugger all ?!

  7. Do newts and slow worms like marquees, artificial climbing structures and acoustically embellished "eggs"?

  8. Have you noticed the lake at Fairlop? The big one, I mean. You can see it on the way to the "Oaky" thingy. Once upon a time, it was visible from the path that circumnavigated it. Now, largely due to objections from newts and slow worms, you can't see the the lake from the path or the path from the lake. Much was spent clearing a car park to make a car park and clearing a load of trees to plant a load of trees so that the lake was visible from the road at 30 mph. All done with the newts approval. However, if you venture further into the country park you will notice that you don't notice the lake unless you're in it! I think the slow worms have a lot to answer for......don't you?