Thursday, January 29, 2015

Electrical Safety for Mums & Dads

The Myth of “Safety Socket Covers” - unnecessary and a hazard!

Children cannot poke things into British sockets - they have built in automatic shutters for protection. Modern sockets are safe, covers make them less safe.

No socket covers have been approved for use in UK BS 1363 sockets.

Socket Covers should NOT be inserted into sockets - they are dangerous!

Fatally Flawed

Electrical socket safety covers are "absurd and dangerous" say engineers

Child alert - first for child safety

Making your home safe for baby

Via Adrian Windisch


  1. Obvious question: so why are companies making these things at all?

    1. Caveat emptor.

      This post was prompted because I visited a local community hall (which is used for children's play groups) yesterday and removed five of them and handed them to the Community Association Chair with an explanation.

    2. If you really want to see some dangerous activities for children, look here!

    3. Didn't we have fun back then ...

  2. If it is possible to make money by selling useless things to gullible people there will always be lots of companies prepared to profit from it!

    If the useless thing turns out to be dangerous, then put it down to the Darwinism ...

    These things have been on sale for years and the dangers were highlighted a long time ago so the real question should be: Why isn't it illegal to SELL these things ...?

    I've even seen them on all the sockets in a pub! Hardly a children's play area - so who are they trying to protect and, as we've seen, failing miserably?