Monday, December 29, 2014

The Sustainable Restaurant
– and consumer pressure

Dear Barkingside High Street,

If you would like to save food waste bills for free please read on:

We would like to draw your attention to the FoodSave project, which is a scheme that is totally free at source to take part in as it is funded by the Mayor of London, London Waste and Recycling Board and the European Regional Development Fund.

It is aimed at helping London restaurants and various organisations reduce their food waste. Since the beginning of 2014 they’ve worked with dozens of restaurants and saved them thousands of pounds a year.

They run a food waste audit for 3-4 weeks using electronic scales and a touch screen tablet which accurately records and analyses the weight and cost of food thrown away from customer’s plates, kitchen spoilage and preparation waste.

They then identify the areas where waste is costing you money and work with you to make changes that will reduce the amount of food thrown away - on average they have achieved a 26% cost reduction. All of this takes minimal time for your team and is totally integrated with your operations.

FoodSave is available on a first come first served basis and places are filling up fast, so to take advantage call or email them on 020 7479 4226 /

Dear customers of Barkingside High Street,

Next time you’re in a High Street café, restaurant or takeaway maybe you could ask them about this? Coz they don’t seem to read this blog, otherwise they’d all be customers of Kompost as promoted here almost two years ago. Then again, maybe they are and I don’t know …..

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