Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Redbridge Woman / Man of the Year 2014 - Exclusive B21 Poll

Today, Tuesday 30th December, Barkingside 21 had a “phantom” coffee morning. That is, we didn’t have a coffee morning but gathered in the New Fairlop Oak “afterwards” at approximately High Noon. Some got there early to take advantage of a healthy Wetherspoon’s breakfast whereupon the conversation turned to the topical subject of the Redbridge Man or Woman of the year for 2014, the person who has made the most significant and otherwise unrecognised contribution to life in Redbridge and, more importantly, who has given me something to write about on these here pages and talk about in the pub. Nominations were taken and after extensive discussion and a ballot of the judges a winner was decided upon, who gets a prestigious home made certificate of merit made from a beer mat stolen from a pub in Dorset.

The Winner is:
The worthy runners up were (in no particular order):

We disqualified Liz Wingrove of Headway on the grounds that she was one of the judges.

But it’s not quite over yet. You can disagree with the verdict on our Poll over in the right hand side bar. If you’re one of the 22% of our readers who use a mobile phone you probably can’t see it, so go home and boot up your PC to vote. You can vote for as many as you wish, but there's no point in voting for all of them, is there.


  1. Thanks for the mention, but I was just there as an interested bystander. This is a great list of people who've made a positive contribution to Redbridge life in the past year. Congratulations and huge thanks to each of them. I hope their ventures are well supported in 2015.
    Liz Wingrove

  2. j martin (no relation)5:42 pm, December 31, 2014

    what about Mr Martin for his efforts for the fairlop waters memorial

  3. Well, I'll go to the foot of our stairs, as my Old Mum used to say! That my name should appear in this list is overwhelming me - in fact, I am so overwhelmed that I am unsure what to do next!
    However, and it may be considered churlish for me to say so, I am slightly concerned about the "services to Redbridge Foodbank" for whilst I support the Foodbank through St. Peter's Aldborough Hatch, I am unsure if this will appear in my Citation. Green Belt and Anti-Sand-and-Gravel Campaigner, perhaps. Scourge of Redbridge Planning, maybe. Photographer extraordinary for the ILFORD RECORDER - and occasionally the ROMFORD RECORDER and most certainly for ESSEX LIFE. Modesty prevents me adding further accomplishments, but my CV is available if you are interested. I will have to have a sit down now or even a lie down. It is all too much at 81 and counting. Take care, BARKINGSIDE 21 - and a Happy New Year to you all.