Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Greenings

a pre-1930s Green SantaThe committee of Barkingside 21 wish all our readers a safe and enjoyable Christmas followed by a Happy New Year. Please be extra careful on the roads, you may have left the car keys at home while attending the office party, but others may not.

This year we are linking you to the green, green grass of Wales with:

Welsh Green Christmas Tips
A well-managed, innovative site with a host of practical advice presented in an engaging way and easy to read format with lots of graphics and links, and you don't have to speak Welsh.

Meanwhile here in Green Redbridge we have the bland:

Green Christmas page on Redbridge-i, But it does link to interesting stuff like:

How to make your own Christmas Crackers.
At least this way you get to decide what’s going in the Cracker and will not end up with a box full of nail clippers, key rings, bottle openers, dice, golf tees and other assorted unwanted junk after a few years.

Oh, and if you do get a nice expensive present in your Chistmas stocking there is no need to tell all the passing burglars by leaving the carboard box outside your home …

Festive security tips
The 12 Scams of Christmas


  1. It is time all contributors and readers offered our thanks to Alan Howe, otherwise known as B21, for all his hard work and dedication in putting together the informative and responsible B21 website. His eloquent commentaries are always well balanced and reasonably politically neutral and he performs an invaluable public service. As a forum for local discussion, arguments and opinions B21 is unsurpassed and Alan is to be congratulated on maintaining its excellence.

    So carry on the good work, B21, and have an enjoyable Christmas and a fruitful and healthy New Year.

  2. happy Christmas and a very happy new year to you too Mr Bside21
    thank you for a great website

  3. 1.57 am Jean! Don't you ever go to bed?

  4. afraid not Mr Alfred.....i am a full time carer.....wish i was up partying .would be nice xxx