Sunday, November 23, 2014

U-Turn if you want to

The latest round in the long running saga of the U-Turns in Clayhall Avenue by the width restriction is about to take place. The Traffic Management Order (TMO) was issued last July and representations have been made, mostly by those who would be adversely affected, and therefore objections to the proposal to extend the U-Turn ban up to the width restriction. The officers in the council’s highways department have considered the situation and produced a report for councillors to consider which recommends no further action, that is keep the status quo where U-Turns are currently banned at the junction with Claybury Broadway.

Under the old regime this would have gone back to Area Committees 3 and 4 for a final decision but as they have been scrapped the report is now destined for the Neighbourhoods and Communities Service Committee scheduled for December 3rd. However, the principal protagonists, Cllr Robert Cole (Clayhall) and Cllr Gwneth Deakins (Roding), both sit on this committee so it should be an interesting debate what with councillors from Wanstead and Ilford sitting in judgement on what is a very localised issue.

One interesting feature of the officer’s report is the number of representations (37) suggesting a traffic lighted junction to link Roding Lane North and Roding Lane South which is by far the simplest and least costly alternative and has been advocated by Cllr Ian Bond (Roding) for some time, but this would probably exacerbate the problem at the other end of Roding Lane South where they have a roundabout but can’t get on it. However, as with any change to traffic regulations there will be winners and losers and such a proposal would undoubtedly increase traffic in Roding Lane North and South (but not on the Hill Farm Estate) resulting in a backlash from residents fronting those roads.

The section of Clayhall Avenue
where Cllr Bond claims there
have been no accidents
Also the notion that U-Turns at this location are a problem only at peak times and that there have been no accidents is worthy of a bit more scrutiny. A large part of the problem here is large vans and lorries doing 3-point turns to access the industrial estates on the other side of Southend Road at ALL times of the day. The railings that were there to protect pedestrians from these manoeuvres are now gone, but then I suppose peds don’t matter.

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Update: Alfred alerts us to a new proposal for a third runway lane at this junction.


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  2. So that’s crystal clear then.

    The No U-Turn at the Clayhall/Woodford Avenue intersection is a definite perhaps, subject only to approval from the Swings and Roundabouts Committee of TfL which will not be able to make a decision while it’s thinking about putting a roundabout there and until he (the committee) returns from his holiday in the Bahamas next spring. On the other hand Redbridge Council has almost but not quite agreed that the regulations will be put in place as soon as approval can be obtained from almost anybody who can talk and is over the age of puberty (Terms and Conditions apply) and subject of course to the end of the DFS sale and Anne Widdecombe becoming Prime Minister. It is hoped that a firm decision will be made just after the Barkingside Square project is completed – or even before, weather permitting. On the other hand there is talk of turning the whole area into a railway station as part of the Crossrail system and if this happens drivers wishing to get to Walthamstow via Gants Hill will need to go through St. Albans, unless, of course they leave their vehicles at home and walk. Further, in order to justify the expense of implementing the ban – ‘NO U-TURN’ notices don’t grow on trees you know – and to satisfy the protests of the objectors, arrangements are being made for more traffic accidents to occur at the site.

    I hope this clarifies the situation.

  3. Hardly due to common sense as stated by a Cllr. The residents of Clayhall and Fullwell expected the U Turn ban to go through as it had been agreed by TWO AREA COMMITTEES (THAT IS BEFORE THEY WERE CLOSED DOWN BY THE LABOUR ADMINISTRATION) - totally understandable from a democratic view. The objections as far as we are aware did not come from these 2 wards. If this is turned down as it appears from media reports it will mean that the queues will continue and savings of time, if any, will only be available for those who undertake the U Turn; not those who sit patiently awaiting their turn. The U Turn ban at the intersection of Clayhall Avenue and Claybury Broadway will still be there - and hopefully those who undertake this will receive the appropriate notice. However should a major incident occur then there may be a review! Common sense says that prevention is better than cure - not in the view of some apparently.