Sunday, November 16, 2014

Transition Town Redbridge Gets Down to Business

“Health, Happiness and Apple Pie”: An Introduction to TT Redbridge, the inaugural ‘mini-summit’ of the Transition Redbridge group was successfully hosted on 25th October with a series of talks and lively debates at the temporary business hub, the ‘Enterprise Exchange’ at the Exchange in Ilford.

Rakesh Rootsman and Mehul Damani skilfully facilitated the event which included sub-groups discussing food growing and local workshops (based around skillsharing).

The event provided the opportunity to discuss Transition Ilford Wholefood Buyers Coop which was launched shortly after...

Transition Ilford Wholefood Buyers Co-op

The Transition Ilford (sibling of Transition Redbridge) Wholefood Buyers Co-op was launched to great fanfare on 31st October with a wide range of organic, socially responsible, healthy and most importantly, tasty food available for all who sign up to it. For those not yet aware of the concept, the products are bought from responsible, local wholesalers in bulk and hence, at discount rates to be sold via the group. The list below shows the wide range of products available.

40% Buckwheat Noodles | Pearl Barley | Jumbo Oatflakes | Cha Soba (Green Tea) Noodles | Millet | Oatbran | Brown Rice Udon Noodles | 100% Buckwheat Noodles | Wholewheat fusilli | Long Life Tofu - ambient | Linseed | Loose tea | Braised Tofu - canned | Peanuts | Red Split Lentils | Tempeh | Strong wholemeal flour | Soya alternative to milk | Brown Rice Short Grain | Brown Basmati Rice | Sultanas - s/f oil dressed

If you would like to find out more about this exciting venture, please contact Rakesh
Rootsman on

click here

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  1. Sorry if I've missed something here, but what IS Transition??? Transition this, transition that.... what does it actually Mean...and how is that applied to whatever group? I suppose it;s one of those throw-away terms that some bureaucrat came up with - like "Vision Redbridge" - which, on current evidence of its work outside the Barkingside swimming pool, might best be renamed Lack-of-Vision Redbridge (Blind Redbridge, perhaps?)