Thursday, November 13, 2014

That’s Just The Way It Is

Since Redbridge council have just launched a new public consultation on their 15 year plan about where to build something like 10-15,000 new buy-to-lets (see previous post), I was rather intrigued by a piece in the local Guardian about the new Redbridge proposals for licensing the humble, hard-pressed and hard-working landlord.

It seems that some Landlords are none too pleased with this proposed new regime and cite that it is unfair and “would penalise responsible renters”. Well, welcome to the real world dear Landlords. This is the way it works. There is no rule that says life has to be fair and in fact it generally isn’t.

I’m sure we can all come up with our own examples where a few irresponsible people spoil it for the vast majority. A couple of boy racers use a road as a racetrack and all the responsible motorists have to put up with road humps, chicanes and other “traffic calming” measures.

And sometimes we get the tyranny of the majority. A farmer who produces organic food (or as our parents knew it, food) has to pay £thousands annually to an inspectorate and undergo stringent tests and monitoring before they can label their produce as “organic”, when their neighbouring farmers who spray their crops with god knows what chemicals get away scot-free.

Here’s Bruce Hornsby

Oh, by the way Landlords, just to cheer you up, Waltham Forest are doing it too.

Meanwhile, Redbridge Council prosecutes unscrupulous Landlords and Letting Agency.

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  1. One way a disgruntled landlord can react is to do what he is proposing to a nearby neighbour of mine. She lives in one of the flats above a row of shops in a High Street. She's loved there for almost 20 years, a Good Tenant. Her landlord wants to build another story on to her existing flat, build out the first floor, and install two more one bedroom flats in addition. She said she would move out (that would mean the landlord could turn that existing flat into 2, possibly 3, more dwellings. And what would he get? He would lose a reliable tenant (who would then have to be rehoused by the Council; and he would gain about four new tenants, more likely having their rent paid by the Council ..... and the landlord says he does not want to lose his existing tenant. It's GREED, that's all it is with this particular Landlord; naked Greed.