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Redbridge, A Better Place to Bee
- Adopt a Roadside Tree Pit

Seeds for Snaresbrook: Bees Rule OK on Station Parade

On the morning of Monday September 22nd greenfingered members of Wanstead & Woodford Friends of the Earth came to Station Parade, Snaresbrook, armed with forks, trowels and watering cans. There they held a two-hour planting party, digging over and seeding the street’s tree-pits with bee-friendly wildflowers. This autumn sowing will give the flowers the best possible chance to survive and thrive in the summer of 2015. Friends of the Earth led a second sowing session on Wednesday September 24th.

Seeds for Snaresbrook is an award-winning Olympic Legacy Project devised by Wanstead and Woodford Friends of the Earth and supported by the London Borough of Redbridge. The aim of the project is to support a healthy bee and pollinator population by seeding all the suitable street tree-pits in Snaresbrook Ward in partnership with local residents and businesses.

Ann Williams, long–term resident of Gordon Road and co-coordinator of Wanstead and Woodford Friends of the Earth, said: “I have lived in Snaresbrook Ward for over a quarter of a century and am proud and excited to be supporting the bees and other pollinators. This week is the Bee Cause Campaign’s National Week of Action, and to celebrate this, we at Friends of the Earth are making a big effort to seed every single suitable tree-pit along Wanstead High Street.”

But you don’t have to live in Snaresbrook or be a member of FoE to reap the benefits next Spring. Anyone in Redbridge can adopt a tree pit. You just need to let the council know which one so they don’t come round and spray weed killer all over it. The advice from Ann is:

To prevent spraying email the council here, you need to give the location of the tree(s), i.e. the number(s) of the house(s) outside which it/they stand. The next round of spraying with weedkiller is in about 2 weeks time, and if you need to prevent it being sprayed in the spring, you need to let her know by the end of November. No point sowing after the end of September – the next suitable moment is March-April 2015.

Any kind of wildflower mix is good: poppy, camomile, red clover, wild carrot, marjoram, cornflower is the one we’re using. Pollen-rich flowers are the ones to go for; the Friends of the Earth site has more information.

Why not pop over to Wansteadium for a preview of what you could see outside your house next spring. Unfortunately Redbridge Council does not have a programme for spraying GE2015 political canvassers.

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  1. Love to, but I live in the only street in Barkingside with no trees.
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