Sunday, October 26, 2014

Dark Days Ahead – so shine a light

Redbridge is one of the safest boroughs in London. However, in the autumn and winter many of the burglaries that do occur are carried out in the late afternoon or evening. A home in darkness between 4pm and 9pm is seen by thieves as a sign that no one is home. Redbridge Police are taking a number of measures to combat burglary (see below) but YOU can help reduce the risk of your home being burgled by taking the following measures.
  • Internally – Fit timer switches which will turn your lights on when you are not at home (They can be bought from DIY stores for as little as £5)
  • Make sure your home is secure and fit additional locks if necessary
  • Report immediately any suspicious incidenst to the police by dialling 999
  • Mark valuable items with your postcode and house number
Operation Bumblebee is Back
"My fellow Borough Commanders and I are putting our heads together with East London’s top investigators and experts on acquisitive crime to formulate a solution to the seasonal burglary that blights our boroughs during Autumn and Winter.
Our aim is to provide the community with the prevention information they need while making the best use of the policing resources available to us to fight acquisitive crime.”
More… plus the Met’s Ten top burglary crime prevention tips for Londoners
And in the garden
By making simple changes in your garden, for example, securing fences and gates and by locking away tools and equipment you can prevent an intruder from accessing your home. The following section contains more advice and tips, which will help you secure your garden.
More…. There are some counter intuitive tips here especially on fencing and gates so do please go have a browse.
Stay Safe in Redbridge (Asian Gold)
Police from Redbridge borough are urging local residents to take care of their valuable jewellery , especially when they are out of their homes during forthcoming festivals such as Diwali and Navrati.
Local officers are stepping up patrols around areas and temples where members of the Asian and Hindu communities congregate in a bid to curb jewellery theft, both on the streets and at their homes whilst they are out celebrating.
Chief Inspector John Fish, from Redbridge Borough, said: "The overt wearing of valuable jewellery and the periods when residents are away from their homes to attend festivals and events presents an opportunity for scurrilous criminals. Our aim is to make it as hard as possible for them to identify and target individuals and their homes. We will respond robustly to those responsible for committing any offences and thoroughly investigate any crimes which occur.
More …. Plus a few simple measures to protect yourself and your property.

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