Thursday, October 16, 2014

Be Green on Halloween
- Don't get Spooked!

Reproduced with thanks from Recycle for Wales. Barkingside – twinned with the Valleys.

In Wales, Halloween is more popular than ever and like it or loath it, tonnes of unnecessary waste is created on this frightful night. In the UK, we needlessly throw away around 18,000 tonnes of pumpkins a year and 99% are sold just for lantern carving alone!

Recycle for Wales has put together a handy guide to ensure you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to be kinder to the environment and save some cash in the process. So what can you do differently? It’s surprising how easy it is to make small changes to ensure your waste is less frightening.

Carve, save, eat
Once you’ve bought your pumpkin and you’re ready to carve, save all the scooped-out flesh to cook up a hearty soup. You’ll love this recipe. You can also save the seeds as they can be lightly roasted to make a delicious, nutritious snack.

Recycle your used pumpkins
After Halloween make sure you recycle your unwanted pumpkin lanterns. All you have to do is remove the candle wax, chop them up into manageable pieces and put them into your food recycling bin. If you have a compost bin, just chop them up and add.

A frighteningly good costume
Kids love getting into the Halloween spirit by dressing up in a spooky outfit, but you don’t need to spend good money by buying a new costume every year (that will probably end up in the bin anway)! Why not try making your own from old clothes, sheets and things you no longer need around the house!

Party time without the waste
Halloween is a great excuse to throw a party, but what can be horrific is the amount of unnecessary waste created. Follow these simple tips to cut down on waste!

Be an angel and cook up a post Halloween delight
Hot dogs are a simple, yet tasty snack for your Halloween party but don’t worry if you don’t get through them all, why not save the leftovers for the next day and make them into to a scrumptious toad in the hole. We’ve tried this recipe and it’s very tasty with a splash of onion gravy!

Light, dinner, if by magic, pumpkins can provide it all this Halloween!
Read Andrew from Recycle for Wales's blog on cutting waste this Halloween.

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