Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Name the Square – Round Two

Well, after all the effort of the panel to come up with a short list of three, from a list of suggestions by the public, the emergency services have vetoed all three of them. It seems we can’t have a place name in the title like Barkingside, Fairlop or Fullwell Cross or anything staring with “The”. So, the panel have had a virtual meeting via email and settled on five options for you, the public, to vote on. They are, in strictly neutral random order:
  • Spitfire Square To Commemorate RAF Fairlop 70 years after war
  • Squadron Square To Commemorate RAF Fairlop 70 years after war
  • Commemoration Square To pay tribute to those from Redbridge who served in World War 1
  • Harmony Square Reflects the harmony of the multi-cultural community as well as the meeting of the library and the leisure centre as places of sport and learning
  • Ken Aston Square Ken Aston was educated at Ilford County High School and headmaster of Newbury Park School. A top international football referee, he was in charge of organising the referees for the 1966 World Cup and introduced yellow and red cards
The shortlist voting will take place between 10 and 21 September with the winner announced on Saturday 27 September at the Barkingside Light Night event.
Please choose one of our final options

Voting forms should be available at the library later today (Wednesday 10th) and will be online over at Redbridge-i shortly. There is also a PDF version which you can download and print here.

Please put this form in the ballot box at Fullwell Cross Library or return to:-
Matthew Maple, Planning and Regeneration, Town Hall, 128-142 High Road, Ilford, IG1 1DD /

UPDATE 16:02pm: The poll is now on Redbridge-i


  1. Such imagination! Such creativity!

    Ken Aston? I’ve lived in Barkingside for almost sixty years and I’ve never heard of him and I’m quite sure that 95% of local residents won’t have either. (In fact probably 99% of ANY residents)

    Did I put forward a suggestion for the name? No, because I think most proposals from the public usually get steamrollered in cases like this and I wasn’t far wrong.

    It certainly looks like HARMONY SQUARE’s the best bet. HARMONY councillors does it take to find a name? HARMONY people have ever heard of Ken Aston? And above all, HARMONY more years will it take to complete the project?

    1. As a lady who has no interest in football at all I have to say that even I have heard of Ken Aston. There is a tree in Barkingside Recreation Ground dedicated to his memory (at least it is there until the local youth decide to break it down - it has happened so many times and I thought young men liked football!)

    2. Ken Aston also served ass a co-opted member of the borough's education committee.

    3. A bit like the much publicised, but failed, Unity Square in Ilford. (Vanity Square more like it!).

  2. Harmony Square? does make yer laugh, don't it!?

  3. Wasn't Harmony a hairspray (if not also one of the Angels in Captain Scarlet). Must we have to bow to political correctness?

    I've nothing against Ken Aston, but a definite red card from me towards adopting his name - and he did rather come unstuck in the notorious "battle of Santiago" (1962 World Cup).

    Too late for suggestions now, but I'd have gone for "Fulwell Plaza" or even "Oak Plaza" as something apolitical.

    1. hamony was hairspray........the advert said "is she or isn't she".....wearing hairspray that is......well it was until smith and jones comedy duo did a rather rude version .....

  4. Ooooh such lack of knowledge of local figures and local history. Why not have a look at Norman Gunby’s book A potted history of Ilford?

    Ken Aston is one of the few people from Redbridge who’ve achieved international prominence. Apart from refereeing many FA and League matches he refereed his first Club World Cup final in 1960, and the FA Cup Final in 1963. A member of FIFA referees committee for 8 years.

    Some Firsts

    He was the first League Football referee to wear the black uniform (in 1946), in 1947 introduced the bright orange linesman’s flags , introduced the red and yellow card system in 1966 (after a language problem between an Argentinian player and a German referee), introduced the standard pressure for the ball, in 1974 brought in the number board for substitutes .... In fact Ken Aston did rather a lot to promote HARMONY, inasmuch as anyone can promote harmony on a football pitch. And he did a lot to improve youth football plus being a respected local figure.

    As it happens I have no interest in football, but Ken Aston is definitely a local man to be remembered.

  5. And when is the deadline for this Voting to be in by???

    1. As it says on tin above:
      "The shortlist voting will take place between 10 and 21 September with the winner announced on Saturday 27 September at the Barkingside Light Night event."