Monday, September 29, 2014

It’s ……. Ken Aston Square

In case you didn’t know already. That’s the name of our new town square here in wonderful Barkingside and fantastic it is too. We at Barkingside 21 are very pleased with it as are the councillors and traders, so all you moaners can shut up. So there! If you don’t know who Ken Aston was here’s an obituary in The Telegraph. The Wikipedia entry is not very good. But our Mira has updated the entry for Barkingside.

And here’s a photo of our energy Bubble bike at Saturday’s Better Barkingside event and the formal opening of the square. It’s not finished yet, the stage area has some work still to do and the new steps to the library are just beginning plus the removal of the cobbles and more planting of shrubs, but we are hoping it will be for the Christmas turning on of the lights event for which a date has not yet been set.

More photos over on our Facebook page here. If you have a Facebook account don’t forget to log in and “like” the page while you are visiting.

I didn’t get to the event until about 8pm, (the reason for that is the subject of the next post), but the atmosphere was wonderful with lively music provided by Chris and Steve of Redbridge Green Fair. We hope to have some more of this to complement their other gigs at Valentines Mansion, the RAFA club and Cricklefields. See Notices & Events in the header bar above.

All in all a very successful event and congratulations to the organisers and workers.


  1. Following the grand opening it's all fenced off again. Clearly a lot of work still to do. Are Kensons capable of completing any job within a reasonable time scale? Why do council officers let them get away with it - and, more importantly, why do Kensons continue to secure contracts for work that lasts an eternity?

    1. I cannot agree more with this comment. Even if council officers decide Kenson (apparently) offer a good specification/price and give them a new contract, in the light of previous experience, why have they not written into the contract financial penalties, which increase with time, the more overdue completion is past the contract end date.

    2. I did not know that it was Ken Aston Square. The design is very Middle Eastern. All it needs is a minaret and it will be complete. I will say no more.

    3. The design reflects and complements the arch structure of the windows in the roof of the Library, which has been there since the 1960s.
      Most western architectural design is based on "Middle Eastern" principles because that is where architecture was born as well as a bloke named Jesus of Nazareth.