Sunday, September 07, 2014

Barkingside – a ‘Noise Ghetto’

This post first appeared on the HACAN East website.

London City will create noise ghettos with flight path changes
Posted on September 7, 2014


Campaign group HACAN East has accused City Airport of failing to spell out to tens of thousands of residents in East London that they are in line to get many more planes overhead if proposed flight path changes go ahead. London City is proposing to concentrate the flights taking off from the airport in a narrow corridor. Areas directly under the favored flight path will be Bow, Hackney Wick, Leyton Midland Road, Leytonstone, Barkingside and Colliers Row. City Airport is currently consulting on the proposed changes but is not leafleting the areas that will be worst affected (1).

The changes are part of a wider reorganization of the airspace across London and the South East which is been overseen by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). New computer technology can now guide aircraft much more accurately when they are landing and taking off. It gives airports the option of varying the routes the planes use in order to give all residents some respite from the noise or of concentrating all the planes on one route. London City has chosen to concentrate the aircraft.

HACAN East chair John Stewart said, “Quite simply, London City is creating a noise ghetto. No wonder they are afraid to spell out to the residents what is in store for them. The contrast with Heathrow couldn’t be more marked. They are planning to consult widely on the changes and to use the new technology to share out the noise burden.”

Stewart added, “We will be officially reporting London City to the CAA because of the poor quality of their consultation. They simply have not made clear to people what is in store for them.”

(1). The consultation documents can be found at It started on 4th September and runs until 27th November 2014. Responses to the consultation should be emailed to

For further in information:  John Stewart on 020 7737 6641 or 07957385650


  1. city airport has several flight paths already I watch them often when in my garden ..the planes have got bigger recently and they are louder we also live under the heathrow flight path the planes circle above us think it was called the lambourne loop once (not to be confused with the Loughton loop) I often wander if a plane were to crash above such a busy city and its suburbs and its almost as if this is being left to fate by our government the amount we have is enough and no more be needed.i was once in adsa at Beckton and you can hear the engines being revved up for take off so the local residents will most certainly not be happy with this one.....

  2. We already get the Lancaster, Red Arrows and all the accompanying planes going over Forest Road whenever there is something to celebrate and the noise is tremendous - obviously there will not be that team of aircraft but any others are equally assaulting on the ears - If it is likely, then every household in the flight path should be fitted with triple glazing gratis the council!