Friday, August 29, 2014

It’s Quiet, Too Quiet

Well it is “summer” and we’ve just had the traditional August Bank Holiday with lashings of rain and the heating on. Nevertheless you may have noticed that there hasn’t been much posted on this blog. This is because I‘ve had nothing much to write about. Well, nothing that has energised my digits to interact with my keyboard in a creative manner. We are in waiting mode. Waiting to hear when Redbridge council wish to engage with us so we can raise issues like toilets at Fullwell Cross and a replacement swimming pool.

However, next Monday it is September and things should start moving. On Tuesday the Policy and Resources Service Committee consider the proposals for Local Forums. As we understand it, if this is agreed at this meeting it can go ahead without being referred to Cabinet, on the following Tuesday, for a decision.

However, while there is considerable detail on the format and structure of these Forums, there remains little in the way of those crucial things like er, dates, times and venues, without which we cannot plan ahead. There is a “sample” venue list (para 8.1) where we get to see Wes Streeting at Fullwell Cross library in September 2015 but I doubt this will be the final selection.

And our Member of Parliament, Lee Scott, is also in limbo and cannot finalise the dates for his Area Forums without running the risk of clashing with one of the undisclosed council meetings above.

All this indecision means that our September hard copy newsletter will not contain any notice of these meetings. We have a schedule too, and our first autumn coffee morning is on 23rd September, so we need to get this out early in the month to give our volunteer deliverers sufficient notice. We can’t even put a note in to say keep an eye on our notice board because it isn’t there at the moment.

This is all very unsatisfactory and we are considering purchasing one of these for council use.


  1. Having tried over the past 2 weeks to deal with issues appertaining to November 9th (Remembrance Sunday) I have had no luck with those in charge as they all appear to have gone on holiday at the same time which leaves Redbridge Council like a rudderless ship or even one with its helm locked to port leaving it going in ever decreasing circles.

  2. Which end of the anatomy will the plunger be used?

    1. Plungers are versatile instruments that can be used in a variety of ways for a range of applications.