Friday, August 08, 2014

Counting Rings

Many of you will be familiar with Dendrochronology - The scientific method of dating based on the analysis of patterns of tree rings. What you may not be familiar with is Clutterstreetology, the scientific analysis of rings on lampposts. You can be forgiven for this as I have only just invented it and have yet to submit my findings to peer review and write a wikipedia entry on it. This, below is a perfectly normal and everyday scene in Redbridge. It is the 169 Bus terminus at The Glade, Clayhall.

But look a little closer at the base of the Bus Stop pillar. What you can see is the remnants of the cement that was used to embed the base of the Bus stop in the ground to which the pillar was later bolted to. Now have a closer look at the lamppost to the right of the Bus Stop, enlarged to the right. Yes, there are ring marks. What do they mean? How did they get there?

I will tell you. For I am a regular user of that bus stop and I can remember what the scene was like just a few weeks ago. That Bus Stop pillar was not there. The 169 Bus timetable was attached to the lamppost as was the actual “flag” part of the bus stop sign. Now, according to my very reliable source what happened was this. Redbridge Council informed Transport for London that they were not entitled to attach their stuff to the lamppost as it is not theirs, and if they wished to do so they would have to complete a 57 page Health & Safety audit and do an Environmental Impact survey as well as paying an exorbitant amount in rent to Redbridge Council. Transport for London then did what all government agencies do and hired a firm of Consultants to do a Cost Benefit Analysis the result of which was to advise TfL that it was cheaper to provide their own infrastructure and went on to recommend another firm of Consultants to do the design work and project management.

Please note that it is the expressed policy of Transport for London and Redbridge Council to cut down and reduce "unnecessary street clutter”.

Here’s the late Noel Harrison

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  1. Another epic street clutter removal fail..!!

    You have probably see the thousands of steel posts that have appeared across the borough after the "pavement parking review"..

    Posts right next to lamp posts, and other street signage, some next to the kerb, others in places that will obviously be a hazzard, yet more street clutter for drivers and pedestrians to avoid.

    Drivers are already receiving PCN's for parking the wrong side of the new posts...let the games begin...