Thursday, August 07, 2014

Aldborough Hatches Offensive Plan

In the past I have published parts of newsletters and press releases from our neighbours, The Aldborough Hatch Defence Association (AHDA), mainly concerning the ongoing issue of gravel extraction on Fairlop Plain. Now you can get the craic direct from their brand spanking new website. There is also a link on our link page in case you want to find it later. They are also on Twitter. The 21st Century welcomes these new arrivals.

Anyway the upshot is that Lafarge Tarmac is about to submit a planning application to extract gravel and sand from the area opposite the Dick Turpin and adjacent to St Peter’s Church, and after a committee meeting of the AHDA yesterday (Wednesday 6th August) Ron Jeffries has issued a News Release headed:

Residents go on offensive declaring “enough is enough” opposing further gravel extraction 

Read all abaht it over there.


  1. Many thanks Al;an for your support. Yes, we have moved rather rapidly into the 21st Century with a website and a Twitter whatever! If anyone would like an ENOUGH IS ENOUGH poster in black on glorious yellow, please ring me on 020 8599 7250,

  2. very strange the that part of painters lane is just about wide enough for two cars let alone if one is a transit van or a mum truck/Essex builder truck crazy.... considering that LBoR once would not allow a motel to be built on the DT land it seems rather strange that they will allow this on constantly water logged land.the mud that is left on the road is not good mostly in winter when it freezes if its sand and gravel they want theres plenty in the thames estuary currently being dredged go help them