Tuesday, July 08, 2014

L’accordeon du Bikes

Simon says:

"As it was passing by so close to home I thought that I might as well go and see the Tour de France cycle race. I chose to go to Buckhurst Hill and film the event as it travelled towards London along the A104 Epping New Road.

When I arrived at Buckhurst Hill station there was someone handing out promotional leaflets showing a walking route past the local shops in Queens Road. I had been planning to walk along Palmerston Roud but curious as to what I might see I followed the leaflet. It was just as well that I did, as there was a man playing an accordion, which was more than just very nice and topical".

And now .... the long version ...


  1. I'm delightfully surprised - it didn't cause as much trafic problems as I thought it would.
    My friend who drives a delivery van said the roads were empty, he wanted it more often (for that reason only). Does this mean many people fearing chaos on the roads stayed at home, instead of going to work?
    Ron King

    1. Craven Gardens Car park at Fullwell Cross was full to bursting on Monday so I'm guessing that a lot of people who would normally use the Woodford line came over here to use the Hainault line from Fairlop Station.

  2. I saw the tour in Roxwell Essex as it went through the village. Apart from the caravan with its many adverts and strange vehicles the bikes was all over in a flash. The strangest cyclist a man in the middle of the pelliton eating a sandwich and being pulled along by the draft created by the others. A good spectacle

  3. twas a pleasure to see on the TV everyone enjoying themselves and to see Englands beautiful scenery .......shame about the wally that got in the way taking his photo that resulted in a biker being knocked off sad to see

    1. Indeed, there was a veritable 'joie de vivre' in the crowd.

      I'm horrified that a photographer actually caused a biker to fall.

      An hour or so before the bikers came by some bored young girls who were in a family group near to me were throwing small stones from the kerb into the main part of the carriageway - surely they realised the potential this could cause for calamity? Happily however their mother did and whilst chastising them for their actions removed the stones before the bikers came by.

      I thought that the films would act as a nice memento to this unique event. The short one was just for those who want to see the cyclists as they quite literally fly past in mere seconds (don't even dare to blink or else you'll miss them!) whilst the longer one gives a flavour of the whole event. plus for added interest there are a few views of Buckhurst Hill. Maybe there are some "Tour de France" enthusiasts who like to visit the places the cyclists passed through; if so "let them come"!

      I've no idea who the accordionist was, but anyway I'd like to thank him for being there.

      Apologies for the spelling mistake in my earlier message - its what happens when one relies on spell checkers which then let you down.


  4. We came into contact with this circus by accident several years ago whilst visiting Maastricht. After an excellent guided tour of the local underground caverns it took us nearly three hours for the notional 10 minute return to our hotel!

    During this time we had to head south across the Belgian border, then skirt the suburbs of Liège whilst heading far enough west to cross from south to north behind the melée.

    We said never again so, when this year's route was announced, we planned accordingly!

    Whilst parts of Redbridge were submerging into an atmosphere of sweaty Lycra, we were relaxing on the Belgian coast.

    We usually finish our holiday with a few days in Ieper but this year, the French had other ideas. So, whilst they were creating mayhem on the Ieper Salient, we retreated over the border - to France!

    They've come home now - if I read the TV subtitles correctly over my petit dejeuner this morning, theyve taken their Lycra-clad Arrass's to Rheims, well to the south, so while the coast is clear, we'll risk coming home tomorrow!

    Bon soir from Boulogne-sur-Mer!

    1. Not the only circus for which Maastricht is known.