Friday, July 18, 2014

Clayhall Avenue U-Turn
– Traffic Order Published

Here’s today’s post from the Roding Liberal Democrats. Screen snip below.

“After Tory and Labour Councillors recently refused to reconsider banning the U-turn at Clayhall Avenue, ….”
Er ….. according to my sources all 63 elected Redbridge Councillors did reconsider, and debate, the Clayhall Avenue U-Turn proposal at Full Council on 19th June 2014. In fact they did this at the specific request of the Liberal Democrats who had requisitioned the item. That’s the whole point of a requisition – that the issue is reconsidered at Full Council. What’s more the author of the above statement, Cllr Deakins, put forward an amendment to the proposal and spoke in the debate she says didn’t take place. The minutes are here in the public domain.
“ …..the Council has published a notice proposing to make a Traffic Order to bring the ban into effect. (It appeared into last week’s Ilford Recorder where nobody would notice it, and Roding Councillors were not informed until we asked about it.)”
Well, I did spot it and so did a few others I have spoken to. Given that the decision was given the go-ahead at that meeting (by 59 votes to 3) it’s not too difficult to work out that the notice will appear shortly afterwards and to make a point of having a look for it.
“Anyone can make an objection to the proposed Traffic Order.”
In fact anyone can make ‘representations’ - either for, or against. So, as Cllr Deakins has alerted all those people who oppose the U-Turn ban I think it is only fair, in the interests of democracy and involving local people in local decision making, to also inform those who have been lobbying their elected representatives to implement it. Please note that representations ….
“ …. can come from anyone, not just local residents, so you can ask your friends, relatives and visitors to object [insert] comment [/insert] too!”
You can do so either by post to the Parking Design Team, 10th floor Lynton House, 255-259 High Road, Ilford Essex IG1 1NY, or by e-mail to The deadline is 31 July 2014.


  1. If you want the unvarnished truth without the political flim-flam, there's only ONE place to get it; B21's personal comments. Bravo my friend, keep on peeling off the layers of mendacity whatever colour the political source might be.

  2. This was democratically discussed and voted on. The Lib Dems lost; very emphatically. Now can the residents of Clayhall and Fullwell have the U Turn Ban they want. Clayhall Conservatives

  3. The claims of lengthy detours via the Beehive roundabout are ridiculous. There are other routes available.

  4. Oh! And another thing.
    The quickest, easiest and cheapest solution to this so-called problem is to open up the dual carriageway in Southend Road to create a crossroads traffic light junction with Roding Lane North and Roding Lane South.

    1. Precisely! Anybody can see that, but try convincing TfL (Trafficjams for London).

  5. Whether there is an Order for this or that type of U-turn or none at all is not addressing any solution to the problem at hand.

    There either needs to be a roundabout at the junc. of Woodford Avenue and Clayhall Avenue or a roundabout and/or traffic lights linking the two halves of Roding Lane.

    As A roads are involved this is presumably the responsibility of either TfL or the Highways Agency or both - so what is the process and who needs to do what now to get a proper solution implemented?