Sunday, July 06, 2014

All the Fun of the Fair

Barkingside 21’s M.I.R.A (Magnetic Induction Rotary Appliance) was at Fairlop Fair on Saturday 5th July. It’s a standard bike that converts the energy stored in a person’s muscles into kinetic energy - the motion of the bicycle’s wheel. The wheel in turn drives a generator that produces electricity. It’s variable DC depending on how fast you pedal, but we have a device which smoothes the output to a constant 12Volts DC which is then fed into a standard Converter to produce 240 Volts AC, or what you know as mains electricity. So we just plug in a mains powered Disco Bubble Machine. And there you have it. Clean renewable energy at your fingertips, or rather your legs.

As you can see from the video it is very popular with children, dogs and wannabe politicians. There is a slide show here. Video and image rights – Mira Vogel.

I think that the Deputy Leader of Redbridge council, pictured, is the first Redbridge Labour Councillor to be taken for a ride on our bike. The others have been Paul Canal, Felicity Banks, Alex Wilson, Tak Chan and Shoaib Patel and only one of them is still a councillor – Omen.

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