Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Unofficial Area 3 Committee Meeting – Public Forum

In the absence of the cancelled Area 3 Committee this evening (Wednesday 25th June 2014) – this is one little item that would have been raised in the Public Forum. For the benefit of the two new Fullwell councillors the subject was raised about a year to 18 months ago by another resident of Aintree Crescent who lives by one of the internal bends and I believe double yellows have been provided at those locations. However, as you can see, it looks like they are also needed on the bend by numbers 1 and 3.

It’s about time we redefined “street clutter” as parked vehicles that restrict the free movement of pedestrians, wheelers and other vehicular traffic. Motorists just cannot complain about congestion and traffic jams AND have the right to leave their vehicles anywhere they damn please.

It is also a good example of why we residents need some sort of public forum with access to our local councillors and appropriate officers. We recognise that we are currently is a transition stage but we are not prepared to wait too long for some reasonable, effective and constructive alternative to Area Committees.


  1. In a recent discussion on the Redbridge I Forum (off line at the moment) some muppet from the Council described white lines on the road surface as "street clutter"! Honestly - you couldn't make it up could you?

  2. Well done Barkingside 21. You are like a welcome cup of water in a political desert. Area meetings are important. Also, how are the new Councillors supposed to get to grips with their Area. I know they are surgeries but that is 'ward prolbems' only and I cannot imagine that what is said there is said publicly.

  3. B21 why should we have to wait for an area committee meeting to raise these issues. You can email, telephone, write to the Ward Councillors for them to take the issues up with the relevant officers. I know that in Hainault people have been in contact with me since I got access to my Council IT. In fact people were in contact before because we had been walking around the ward knocking on doors and handing our contact details. We are having a new leaflet printed shortly to do promote how people can get hold of us. So I am confused why not go directly to Councillors on issues such these as an email or telephone call will get the required result rather than the wait for an area committee.

    Mark Santos

    1. That's fine Mark for someone like me who knows the ropes and that is what I do. But for most people they don't know what ward they live in nor who their cllrs are and in case you haven't noticed 60% of them don't vote.
      Perhaps I should have mentioned that the lady in question telephoned the Town Hall and was advised to email general.highways@etc and had not received a reply which is why she contacted B21.
      You can rest assured that the 3 ward cllrs and our highways officer have now been emailed directly and the officer has replied.

  4. I second Anne's comment. Barkingside 21 is a breath of fresh air and a valuable voice in the local community. Sometimes it seems council departments are a law unto themselves and only propelled into action when prompted by 'high level' intervention. Thank you for helping to keep this on the agenda in the absence of the Area Committee Meeting. You help to empower residents to make the council work for us. Long may this continue.


  5. Highways have now advised that the parking design team have the introduction of double yellow lines on their works programme for this location and they are just going through the order making process which should take about a month.

    In the meantime, they will be introducing marked footway parking bays with a break on the corner to try and keep the area clear.

  6. B21,

    Can I add my voice to those in support of this excellent communication tool. Perhaps in order to broaden its audience and get more people involved B21 should promote itself through all local media outlets. I know that its readers and many others supported the former Parks Police Service and took up their cause albeit unfortunately unsuccessfully. Some of us met this morning for breakfast at the Fairlop Oak ( very filling ). B21 got a mention. Keep up the good work with or without Area Committees.
    John Boylin.

  7. Is Liebore's TRUE reason for abolition of area committees not so much the cost, but rather that four of the seven would be Conservative controlled?

    1. They didn't know that before the election when they put forward that policy.

    2. Some politicians are able to read the writing on the wall. The result was no shock to some of us, although one or two of the results were unexpected especially (Deo gratia!) in South Woodford.

    3. Ah! You mean like:
      "We'll never get a Conservative GLC so let's abolish it",

    4. No - because that was not true. Of the six elections to the GLC Conservative and Labour each won three.

    5. But the demographic had changed in favour of Labour, and as you say the writing was on the wall.

    6. Even the GLC was not quite as useless as the London Assembly whose elected members clearly prefer it to doing a real job.

  8. Something for people to consider especially perhaps some but not all Politicians with a big or little p.

    " Sometimes when you are feeling important
    And you know that your ego's in bloom
    Perhaps you then take it for granted
    You're the best informed man(woman)in the room.
    At times when your feel that your going
    Would leave an unfilled hole
    Just follow these easy instructions
    And see how it humbles your sole.

    Take a bucket and fill it with water
    Put your hands in right up to the wrist
    Pull them out and the hole that remains
    Is a measure of how you'll be missed
    You may splash all you please as you enter
    You may stir up the water galore
    But stop - in the briefest of moments
    It looks just the same as before.

    The moral of this quite simple is
    Just do the best as you can
    Be proud of yourself, but remember
    There is no indispensible man (woman).


    1. Or, put another way:

      The graveyards of this country are filled with the remains of indespensible people.