Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sick of Waiting

Patient transport isn’t working for patients.

The patient transport system, designed to ensure that everyone can access healthcare, isn’t working. From patients missing appointments because of transport, to patients being left to wait for hours after their appointment, it’s clear that the service needs to improve. And unless it does, thousands of patients will be left unable to rely on getting to the healthcare they need.

Sick of Waiting! is the campaign for reliable, accessible patient transport for everyone who needs it. We’ve joined up with the National Kidney Federation (NKF), Age UK London, The Greater London Forum for Older People, Healthwatch Newham and London Region National Pensioners Convention. We want to see minimum standards on things like waiting time and eligibility criteria written into patient transport contracts. We want to ensure that NHS Trusts have the power to hold to account the private companies who deliver patient transport.
But we can’t do it without you!

Survey: We want to hear your stories of patient transport.
Good or bad, we would like your reports of patient transport in London. We will use this evidence to help convince London’s NHS Trusts that patient transport contracts must put patients’ needs first.

Please contact Transport for All before July 31st on 020 7737 2339 with your experiences, or fill our online survey (Click here). We can post some for your group if you’d like.

Thank you. Together, our actions can help build a patient transport system that works for patients.

Click here for more information.

Best wishes,

Lianna Etkind
Campaigns Coordinator

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