Monday, June 02, 2014

Barry Fleetwood – R.I.P.

Barry, on the right, as we will remember him.
At the Valentines Mansion May Fair 2013
promoting the B21 Bubble Bike
I'm not very good with obituaries, so here's one from the Save Oakfield Site people:
Barry Fleetwood was a local resident and active member of local community group Barkingside 21, the Old Parkonians Club and Save Oakfield Site. He was very knowledgeable on pollution and the impact on people and the environment. It was Barry who obtained the Land Registry record for Oakfields that shows the protective covenants established under Crown ownership preventing development of Oakfields except for sports and recreation.

These were and remain key parts of our defence against Council proposals. We are grateful for Barry's contribution to the community he lived in, his work and effort, his advice, wit and humour. He made a positive difference to the lives of others. Barry Fleetwood died on Wednesday 28th May from cancer.


  1. Barry and I were near neighbours until his fairly recent removal. Somewhat poignantly, the last time I saw him was on 10 December at my late mother's funeral, although we spoke a number of times by telephone. Barry had a dry sense of humour, and was deeply committed to causes that affected people's lives.

    May he rest in peace and rise in Glory. Amen.

  2. I was only privileged to know Barry for the last few years of his life but could not fail to be impressed by his tenacity over matters that particularly concerned him. He continued to keep up the fight to preserve those things that were important to him well after it became obvious that he would not live to reap the benefits of success - they, hopefully, will be his bequest to the community he has left behind..

    It scarcely seems believable that only a little over a month has passed since I last saw Barry helping to distribute the refreshments at a Barkingside 21 Coffee Morning ...

    Regretfully, I will be returning from a trip to Worcestershire and will miss what promises to be - at Barry's own request - a colourful funeral.