Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Routes to Roots – What’s your story?

Within us all is an explorer, an adventurer.
Within us all is a journey, a story…

Team v is joining communities across the country, telling the stories of its people and their journeys.

Team v Redbridge is celebrating the brave people that migrate across the globe and throughout the EU and UK to create new lives for themselves and their families, by sharing the stories of individuals and the contributions they make to their communities. The campaign, Routes to Roots will encourage a better understanding of the people behind this heated topic, why they migrate and the benefits that their diversity brings to society.

Picture courtesy of Rebecca Kemal, second left
The team, which is part of a national network of young volunteers run by youth charity vInspired, will be showcasing and collecting local stories on Ilford High Road to encourage local people to challenge their understanding of migration. Migrants are often accused of swarming the country, putting pressure on public services. However, since 2000 migrants have made a net contribution of £25bn to public finances, a huge contribution to the economy. The same study showed that migrants who have come to the UK since the year 2000 are less likely to receive benefits or use social housing than people already living in the country.

Team v Redbridge will be running a stall on Saturday 10th May 10am-4pm in Ilford Town Centre. Members of the public will be invited to produce a poster that showcases their story to add to a growing mural of stories throughout the day. The young volunteers have teamed up with Nandos UK who are providing a free platter and drinks for four people for the best designed poster which will be judged independently by the team. You can also tell your story on film or by voice recording to the team, share your opinions, find out how you can help and write ‘letters of encouragement’ to others. The young volunteers are also producing a short documentary showcasing the various stories from residents they have collected, and have partnered with local charity Eastside Community Heritage who have agreed to archive their findings for public benefit and will showcase their film online and throughout the community.

Rebecca Kemal, Team v leader for Redbridge, says: “People forget that when newspapers quote facts and figures at you, which are often misleading, that there are stories and people that make up those numbers. Individuals who contribute to our community and who become our friends and family. We want to give the residents of Redbridge a chance to tell their stories, to make it personal and to be the heart of our campaign.”

To find out more about Team v or to become a team v leader (18-25yrs) go to and to join in with the celebrations use #routestoroots or visit to get the latest updates on how Team v volunteers across the country are getting on.


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