Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Musical Chairs in the Chamber
- Redbridge Local Elections

Fat Chance
In case you haven’t noticed there are local elections for Redbridge Council  in a couple of weeks time and there have been unconfirmed reports of gangs (shipped in from all over) roaming the streets and accosting householders on their doorsteps. Not that anyone has called on me, far from it. The last time a candidate knocked on my door was on election day in May 2006, but that’s another story. I think I may have scared them off? Anyway, according to “social” media (which is not very social at the moment) all of these gangs have had an “excellent response” on the doorstep and are all predicting they will win and make gains. Unfortunately for them this is not possible as it defies the laws of gravity or something similar. What we do know is that the make up of the new council will be different and that there will be shiny happy people as well as down in the dumps people at the Town Hall in the early hours of 23rd May. We can also confidently predict that there will be some surprises, there always are, and that we will be waving goodbye to some, maybe or maybe not with a tear in our eye.

Meanwhile, we can wish those councillors who are standing down (listed below) bon voyage on whatever journey they choose to take in the future, whether it’s retirement or a less prominent background role. I’m sure they will all learn to live without their allowance.

Existing Councillors retiring
Tania Solomon (Conservative, Barkingside)
Richard Hoskins (LibDem, Church End)
Alex Phillips (Conservative, Fairlop)
Ann Candy (Conservative, Fullwell)
Thomas Gray (Conservative, Hainault)
Felicity Banks (LibDem, Roding)
Balvinder Saund (Labour/Independent, Seven Kings)
Peter Goody (Conservative, Snaresbrook)
Alex Wilson (Conservative, Wanstead)
Tak Chan (Conservative, Wanstead)

But that’s not all. There are lots of interesting manoeuverings elsewhere with candidates jockying for a good position for when the music stops so they are in prime position to grab a seat ahead of their competitors. It's a jungle out there I tell you, red in tooth and claw.

Existing councillors standing in same ward for different party
Nicola Sinclair (LibDem to Independent, Church End)
Harry Moth (Conservative to Independent, Fullwell)
Ted Griffin (Conservative to UKIP, Hainault)
Filly Maravala (Labour to Independent, Loxford)
Virendra Tewari (Labour to Independent, Loxford)

Existing Councillors changing ward with same party
Wes Streeting (Labour, Chadwell to Aldborough)
Aziz Choudhury (Labour, Valentines to Chadwell)
Baldesh Nijjar (Labour, Chadwell to Seven Kings)

Existing Councillors changing ward with different party
Andy Walker (Labour to Save KGH, Chadwell to Aldborough)
Ali Hai (Labour to Independent to Conservative, Goodmayes to Seven Kings)

And there are Former councillors on the comeback trail
Robert Whitewall (Conservative/Independent to UKIP, Barkingside)
John Tyne (LibDem to Green, Chadwell)
Ken Turner (Labour, Church End)
Alan Hughes (Labour/Conservative/Independent to UKIP, Cranbrook)
Julian Leppert (BNP to BDP, Hainault)
Roy Emmett (Labour, Hainault)
Mark Aaron (Conservative/Independent to UKIP, Hainault)
Liz Pearce (Labour, Monkhams)
Gary Staight (LibDem, Seven Kings)
Greg Elgin (Labour, Snaresbrook)
Farrukh Islam (LibDem, Valentines)

There are a total of 63 seats up for grabs with a total of 198 candidates standing in 21 wards. Both Labour and Conservative have a full slate while the LibDems only have 37. Of the others UKIP have 17, the Greens 10 and Independents 6. Bringing up the rear we have one Save KGH and one BDP.

To see what’s on offer in your ward click here.


  1. No sooner had I written the above and ...
    I had Labour on my doorstep
    1. He woke me up
    2. He was a Roding candidate (I live in Fullwell)
    3. He hadn't heard of Barkingside 21
    4. He didn't know who Matt Goddin is

    So, I gave him a B21 Newsletter and a Membership application form and sent him on his way ...

    1. Tends to confirm my view of Liebore's fitness to run the borough.

    2. Quelle surprise! Are you voting for the ex-Tory Kippers?

    3. As you choose not to identify yourself I see no reason to reply to your question.

  2. Having just seen this I was surprised to see the re-emergence of some of the former Councillors. More especially the parties they are now standing for. With the number of defections, movements, new parties I am not sure there is enough music around to keep musical chairs going. Mind you if Mr Aaron gets back in it will certainly make for some good theatre on Council nights. Don't worry about Froch v Groves. Aaron v Prince. Much more interesting.

    1. 691 trolleybus fan4:57 pm, May 14, 2014

      Could even make some TV look good by comparison.