Friday, May 02, 2014

A Healthy Question on the NHS

Following on from the previous post there was a ‘Public Meeting’ yesterday evening (May 1st) on Redbridge Health Services organised by the local Labour Party at Ilford Central Library. We, the B21 Chair and I, were late as we were at the Redbridge Transition Town meeting in the Town Hall Vision Suite, which kicked off an hour earlier, trying to figure out just how Redbridge council want to engage with environmental groups like us since they pulled the plug on the Sustainability Forum. We were in time for what I presume was most of a speech by Wes Streeting.

What struck me was the comment by the meeting Chair, Jas Athwal, after Wes had eventually sat down. “We need more meetings like this to engage with the community” or words to that effect. Looking around the room I could only spot four non-Labour Party members – the B21 Chair and secretary (me) plus two Independent Councillors, Andy Walker and Harry Moth.

There were some good questions from the floor and I was particularly impressed with Neil Zammett’s (a Labour candidate in the forthcoming local elections) responses; who does after all have more than a little experience in the NHS and has sat as a lay member on the Redbridge Health Scrutiny committee.

Here’s a video of Marcus Chown who raises pretty much the same points in a lot less time. Not as polished or eloquent as Wes or Neil, but he’s not a politician. He’s just an ordinary everyday quantum scientist who’s pissed off and is standing for the National Health Action Party in the London Region European Elections.

Also: Lewisham campaigner predicts closure of KGH A&E


  1. I should be very startled indeed if a meeting organised by the Labour Party were not attended by many Labour Party members. However, no one asked me my political affiliations so I do not know how these were ascertained.

    I appreciate listening to polished and eloquent speakers so would not dream of commenting on them adversely. I only wish we were offered more polish at many meetings I am obliged to attend and less tedium.

  2. I read this anonymous comment early this morning and I am still smiling at the possible implications, meant or not!
    From personal experience, I certainly don't want more polish. I love simple britishness!