Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Transition Redbridge
– Episode IV: A New Hope

At the beginning of the 2013/14 municipal year, Redbridge council had a major reorganisation of its committee structure as part of its efficiency drive. Out went Scrutiny committees and in came Service committees. They later had to re-instate the Health scrutiny committee as well as the Liaison groups for Cycling and Public Transport but the Sustainability Forum was no more. See report last October.

And so the Environment Services committee has spent the last year deliberating on how Redbridge council should develop partnership links between the council and sustainability groups and this is the “current priority” on the council’s sustainability agenda. “Encouraging and empowering such partnerships will allow the Council and sustainability groups to better focus and target sustainability issues facing Redbridge, allowing more action in driving forward the Borough’s environmental objectives, as well as better recognising and supporting the skills and resources available across the Borough.

Meanwhile, the voluntary participants of the old Sustainability Forum adopted a “don’t call us, we’ll call you” approach and started work of forming a new borough wide group – Transition Redbridge.

So, What is Transition Redbridge?

Well, very basically, it's a Transition Town Working Group for people and groups in the London Borough of Redbridge to make a plan to transcend to a fossil fuel free economy. Our "Vision" is to:
“Aim to create a healthier, happier and better informed population with a much greater community and environment focus, with an active involvement in local affairs. Redbridge should be sustainable for generations to come, based on the long-term needs of our communities and the environment.". 
We have the following "Aims" to achieve this:
  • Change behaviour and raise awareness of the challenges and impacts of climate change and peak resources and the positive practical solutions-based responses needed. Such as the protection of, and improvements to:
    • Green spaces and natural habitats;
    • Reduced consumption and waste;
    • Maximum re-use and re-cycling;
    • Sustainable travel;
    • Chemical-free food production; and
    • Sustainable energy policies in all areas of society to facilitate a better low-carbon, low-energy future.
  • Sharing skills between community members for a more localised, hands-on, co-operative future.
  • Pioneer, promote and encourage new forms of community working and management to build strong community spirit and sustainable local economies.
  • Gather and improve accessibility of resources to deliver these activities and to support projects and organisations, which share and help to further the objects of Transition Redbridge.".
What can I do then?

We'd like to invite you to get involved in this venture. It may be that we pick one/some of the above issues and concentrate on those. It may be that we set up "Working Groups" for example on various subject areas like:- Waste; Energy; Food; Transport; Health & Education; Governance; Economy, etc. - and develop ideas around them. Please let us know what you would be interested in doing, or, are already doing that fits our ethos, vision and aims. We shall be exploring some of these subject areas at the locally organised Redbridge Green Fair on Sunday the 25th May in Valentines Park and will call a big Public Meeting after that to plan how we take things forward. In the meantime, if you can contribute please let us know by e-mail


  1. Following in the tradition of someone who met someone because of a dropped gun barrel I think in Libya, if I ruled the world I would abolish fuel bills and replace them with incomes by developing detailed local energy plans that enabled communities to generate energy locally and gain income from this, not letting private companies get most of this income through very biased contracts with private companies. Local energy co-ops? I suppose we must be stuck with very boring maps that do not show Utopia!

    (Prizes to anyone who can work out the references in the above!)

    1. When I used to travel to school in Barkingside by trolleybus I used to see on the corner of Perth Road the cooling tower of the former Ilford Corporation electricity works. Ilford Council produced electricity primarily for its own tramway undertaking, but also supplied homes in the older parts of Ilford.

  2. Just found out we are all part of a UN commie plot!