Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Next in Line
– LibDem No 2 Jonathan Fryer

Jonathan Fryer, No. 2 on the Liberal Democrat London Euro-list, writes:

Brussels often seems distant from the concerns of East London, though it’s only two hours away by train. A lot of the blame for that has to be put on the UK media, which rarely covers EU stories, except to take the mickey. I was a journalist myself in Brussels for seven years and deliberately chose to write for outlets like the BBC that were taking issues of concern to European citizens seriously. That included covering the development of the European Parliament itself, which now has a direct say in almost every measure passed by the EU – which is why it is so important that people in London actually vote this May.

Liberal Democrats are the Party of IN in Europe because we see the benefits that Britain has gained by being an EU member, not least unfettered access to the largest single market in the world. Many jobs in London are linked to our trade with the rest of the Europe and one in seven jobs created here have been in businesses started by EU migrants. In more deprived areas of East London European funds have also helped many new start-ups.

EU standards protect consumer safety and European cooperation on the environment means that we can do more to limit climate change and counter pollution. We are moreover all safer by being part of the European Union and therefore cooperating on things like the European Arrest Warrant, which means that criminals can’t just run away to the Continent and hide.

I’ve lived in East London for over 25 years, since I returned from Brussels, and I have seen huge changes. But we should celebrate the vibrancy of our capital today. It would be a huge honour for me to represent it!

Twitter: @jonathanfryer

The Next in Line for the main 5 parties in the London Region Euro elections have been offered 300 words on this blog. They will be published if and when they are received. This is the first. I have created a new label below which readers can click to see them all together.

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