Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Next in Line
– Labour No 3 Lucy Anderson

Lucy Anderson is number 3 on the London Labour list for the 2014 European elections.

Lucy's background is as a lawyer and policy campaigner - areas of expertise include employment rights and equality law, transport and health.

Long term party member, trade union activist and school governor, and a Camden Councillor from 2002-6, during which she held positions as Chair of Licensing and Executive Member for Schools.

In recent years, Lucy has been employed as a senior manager for the National Union of Teachers, and before that as a Business Manager at the Greater London Authority.

Lucy also worked from 1997 to 2006 for the TUC as a policy and legal expert, where her work included campaigning for effective implementation of European Union directives.

If elected, her priorities would be:
  • Protect and enhance EU employment, equality and social protection laws guaranteeing citizens, trade union and workers’ rights, including environmental standards and EU level safeguards against human trafficking, crime and exploitation of vulnerable workers.
  • Challenge the EU-wide ‘austerity’ agenda, and make the case for greater redistribution of wealth within the EU including by a Financial Transaction Tax and other progressive taxation measures.
  • Represent the interests of London for EU investment and support, especially in deprived areas and on addressing the impact of climate change, and promote fair wages and jobs for Londoners through EU trade and regulation.
  • Ensure that EU frameworks and procedures regulating the operation of the single market do not prevent or restrict state-run essential public services such as transport, utilities or the NHS.
  • Campaign for good governance of the EU, such as greater transparency of decision-making, increasing democratic participation in elections, and cost-effective administration, including the location of the European Parliament in only one place, whether Brussels or elsewhere.
Twitter: @Lucy4MEP

The Next in Line for the main 5 parties in the London Region Euro elections have been offered 300 words on this blog. They will be published if and when they are received. This is the fourth. I have created a new label below which readers can click to see them all together.

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