Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Next in Line
– Green No 2 Caroline Allen

All creatures great and small.

I am standing for the Green Party in Europe because I want to see a different kind of Europe.

I work full time as a vet in North London. I’m not a professional politician, but a normal person who believes in what the Greens are doing in Europe to make life better and secure our future. I am sick of the mainstream parties, but rather than resort to negativity I am a Green because I want to work positively. Greens support a referendum as a path towards a different and better Europe, one that works for people not corporations.

The Greens sit in the 4th largest group in the European Parliament and have real achievements, unlike those who sit back, take the money and do not deserve your vote. I want to build on this, as well as using my expertise in food, farming and animals to work in these important areas.

Greens aim to build an economy that puts people first. Greens introduced an EU wide tax on banker’s bonuses and continue to push for better bank regulation and a ban on toxic investments. Your London Green MEP Jean Lambert has been heavily involved in defending the Working Time Directive and creating opportunities for young people.

Greens work for freedom and equality. Greens championed legislation on equality and age discrimination. Greens successfully fought off legislation (ACTA) that would have destroyed our internet freedom.

And of course Greens will protect the environment; from your local green space and wildlife to taking coordinated action on climate change. The time for debate is over; our natural world is under sustained attack. Only we will protect it while also protecting our health by fighting toxic pollution.

Please do find out more here: Vote for the Common Good or contact me via email. And vote for positive change on May 22nd.

Twitter: @Green_Caroline

The Next in Line for the main 5 parties in the London Region Euro elections have been offered 300 words on this blog. They will be published if and when they are received. This is the third. I have created a new label below which readers can click to see them all together.

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