Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Redbridge Community Safety - News

New recruits on the beat
  • New recruits have helped to increase the number of frontline police officers in the Borough.
  • A huge recruitment drive has seen a wave of nearly 50 new Police Constables join Redbridge.
  • They are now working on the frontline alongside more experienced officers, supporting victims and witnesses as well as providing reassurance and support.
  • Find out more about Policing in Redbridge

Support charity not crime
  • The Council is supporting a London-wide Home Office campaign, Support Charity Not Crime, to make sure people are not duped into giving criminal or terrorist organisations money when they donate to charity.
  • When you give to charity, it is important to ensure that donations will go to the people who need it most, not into the pockets of criminals. Collections and appeals may look genuine but in fact are scams.
  • Read top tips to make sure your donations are going to genuine charities

Fly tipping - fine for you
  • Residents are being encouraged to report fly tipping and tell the Council if they know people who are responsible for the crime.
  • Convictions can rely on witness statements so residents really can make the difference in making the Borough cleaner.
  • If you know someone who is fly tipping, tell the Council now by calling 020 8554 5000.
  • Find out more information on fly tipping

Who’s taking you home?

Vulnerable tenants put at risk by Redbridge Landlord
  • A Redbridge landlord has been fined £9,000, ordered to pay £3,081 costs and a victim surcharge of £120 for putting vulnerable tenants at risk by renting out a property with unsafe gas and electrical installations.
  • Another landlord was fined at Romford Magistrates Court on Friday 28 February 2014 for poor management of a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) in Ilford.
  • View more details on the vulnerable tenants story

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  1. The fly tipping link includes this:

    "Any person(s) or business caught doing this may be prosecuted. If you have any information on people or businesses that you know are flytipping, then you can report them to us.

    The team will then investigate it and where possible, take appropriate action."

    Unfortunately, this is not what happens in practice ...

    Last year three black bags of paper were fly-tipped near me one night. One had burst open, revealing the contents as correspondence. The culprit had taken care to tear out the address panels on all printed paper but had also included several complete handwritten envelopes, I noted ...

    This was promptly logged in the council's website, pointing out that the culprit was clearly identifiable. The forecast for the following day was rain ...

    During the afternoon, it rained heavily. That evening I noted that all of the bags had now been burst open by passing traffic ...

    We had heavy rain for the next three days, during which time the contents of the bags more or less turned into a soggy pulp.

    They were eventually removed but investigated? I very much doubt it ...

  2. Going to the link it says.... "Report Flytipping online"...... Here's a suggestion: Perhaps the Council might like to post i[ a Telephone Number that residents can call to report Flytipping??? Not everyone is online, remember...... just a little bit of thought from whoever constructed that Council webpage would have been appreciated?....

    1. Dear Ray,
      If someone is looking at that web page it means they are on-line. Publishing a telephone number there for people who are not on-line is pretty pointless because they ain't gonna see it.
      I'm sure the Council publish a telephone number on their hard copy publications for such people.
      "just a little bit of thought from commenters would be appreciated"