Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Frenford Marquee On Oakfield

Statement from Mrs Joyce Ryan, Fairlop Ward Councillor and Cabinet Member for Culture and Leisure
The marquee under construction on Oakfield has been erected without any permission or consultation with Redbridge Council. Cllr Mrs Joyce Ryan was notified at the weekend [9th] by a resident of the work that was taking place and immediately notified Leisure, Planning, Legal and Licensing officers.

Since then officers have visited the site and are working on resolving the situation. Every e-mail expressing concerns and objections to the structure, as well as photographs, which have been sent to your ward councillors, have been passed on to officers. Unfortunately many residents are under the impression that the Council knew about Frenford’s plans and gave permission for the structure. That is incorrect. As stated above it has been done without any planning permission, discussion, notification or consultation.

Fairlop ward councillors are horrified about what is happening and share the concerns expressed by so many residents. We will do all in our power to have the marquee removed.
Since I wrote this a “stop notice” has been put on the work on Friday [14th]. There is also a statement on the Council’s web site about this matter. Yesterday a leaflet was delivered to houses in Fencepiece and Trelawney Roads that back on to Oakfield explaining the situation. It is disgraceful what has happened and it has taken hours and hours of work last week. END.
Then there is Monday's report in the Wanstead and Woodford Guardian:
“We [Frenford] have agreed to move it to a less obvious position on the same site, and the council have accepted, subject to planning consent.”
There's planning consent (which anyone can apply for and get) and then there are the terms and conditions of a lease. According to the statement on the council website a marquee is "in breach of the club's lease". So without renegotiating the lease it ain't gonna happen.

UPDATE at 16:41
The Guardian have now been contacted by Redbridge Council and added this paragraph to their report:
A council spokesman said: “Redbridge Council firmly denies the claim that any kind of approval has been given to move the marquee to another space on the site. We are adamant that the structure must come down immediately.”


  1. The Chairman of Frenford was once a Redbridge councillor (albeit some 40 years ago) so cannot credibly claim unawareness of the need to ascertain whether planning permission may be required.

    Frenford has moved from Oakfield to the PLA ground in Cranbrook Ward, so one has to question why the lease at Oakfield was not terminated when they moved. There are also allegations about the enormous sums of our money that the council has shelled out in 2 moves for council convenience. As the sum is not yet confirmed I am not disclosing it at this stage.

  2. seems to be just plonked in the middle of the place and if my memories serve me correct its a very big site,does anyone have any idea what it was to be used for very strange.

  3. Replies
    1. Redbridge Planning exerting their authority at last! Well done, Joyce.

  4. Well I think its all quiet unfair really, theres a marquee acrosss the lake from and nothing is being done about that, if they have leased the grounds from the council and own the club adcent to it surely they are allowed to put up a temorary marquee?

  5. the structure has been taken down, as instructed to by the Council