Saturday, March 15, 2014

Crystal Gazing On The River
– The Future on our Doorstep

From our roving reporter, Alfred

London is full of mysteries, not least of which is that new and exciting projects can be built at great expense and very few people will know about them. In this case I’m referring to The Crystal and if you’ve never heard about it you are not alone.

The Crystal is a large new beautiful black building paid for and constructed by the industrial organisation, Siemens, as a permanent exhibition site dedicated entirely to sustainable resources and the global environment. It was opened to the public in September 2012 with, as far as I am aware, very little publicity. And that is a great pity because The Crystal is the world's largest exhibition on the future of cities and it is one of the most sustainable buildings in the world.

It is situated a few yards away from the Emirates Airline cable car terminal at Royal Victoria on the DLR (direct from platform 17 at Stratford station) and admission at present is completely free of charge. If you care about the environment, if you are interested in the future of our cities, if you want an insight into how technology will operate in the years to come to make the world a better place or if you’re just curious to see what a fabulous building this is, I urge you to take yourself along to Royal Victoria and take a look. You will be amazed that you didn’t know about the place.

Opening times and other details may of course be found on line.

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