Sunday, March 02, 2014

Climate week 3-9 March 2014

It’s that time of year again and as usual Barkingside 21 does not have an event this week that is associated with Climate Change. I do wish they would ask us before they decide on the dates.

That does not mean that we are not doing anything at all. And neither does it mean that you, as individuals, can’t do anything for yourself. There is a whole bunch of things you could be trying out during this next week. You might even find them interesting or exciting. Here are a few:
  • Take the bus or walk and save petrol. You see so much more when you don’t have to concentrate on driving.
  • Turn your Mobile off and talk to the people you are with.
  • Get creative in the kitchen. The bits and pieces you may normally throw away can make an interesting meal. That’s how bubble and squeek came to be.
  • Why not try a vegetarian, or even vegan, recipe for one day. See how you like it.
  • Take a walk down your local High Street. You may be surprised at the range of shops there.
  • Read the labels on the stuff you buy. You may want to try something else afterwards.
  • Look out for the Fair Trade label.
  • Buy local where possible.
  • If you haven’t got energy efficient light bulbs yet – do it!
  • If you are renewing an appliance, check the energy efficiency and lifetime cost.
  • Ask yourself, can I repair this instead of buying a new one. Treat it as a challenge, an opportunity to learn new skills.
  • Get a Water meter.
  • Take advantage of Redbridge Council discount on a compost bin
  • Re-use political party leaflets in the toilet
  • Take 10 minutes each day to meditate. If you are too busy to spare 10 minutes then meditate for 1 hour.
Austerity, we are all in this together. Please do your bit. 

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  1. I've been mooching, and one of the courses is "how to change the world" where someone wrote the following

    "Amy Rondinel· 33 minutes ago
    I've just had an opportunity to return to this thread and scanned through all the great work that's in progress. Clearly creating a collaborative hub is a non-issue with all the FB groups and the launch of

    I've had an opportunity to check out March 11th network launch event where Ami touches on some overarching issues around social good and collaboration. There are billions of people, thousands of organizations who want to create a better world/community. However many times these efforts becomes too individualized and sadly at times contradictory. He's defined three universal hurdles that prevent us from working towards the larger good:

    Problem #1: There is a big gap between our intentions and actions

    Problem #2: Our problems are connected, but we are not -- we might be online, yet don't know our next door neighbors

    Problem #3: There are good ideas every where, but they don't spread fast enough.

    Ami's solution? Bring together a group of connectors to form local teams who will function as facilitators of ideas, efforts, etc. as a way of helping people to move from intention into action. What resonated with me what that the role requires you to be neutral, impartial and remove your own personal agenda from the equation. In turn, you develop a team of advocates all working toward one common goal to make one idea a reality making it likelier for that idea to succeed.

    Tying this back to the concept of a collaborative hub and what we've learned in this course, I find myself challenged to shift the focus away from a community. Communities already exist, including this course's community via wikis and forums. But I agree with Ami in that success can be achieved when a large group of people get behind an effort to make it a reality. Otherwise they don't spread fast enough.

    So I ask that you think about the specific problem you were trying address when this thread sparked your interest. Is it lack of local resources? Access to a global network? Are you seeking mentors? A place to start project? Engage others in projects? Or is it Ami's definition of connectors you were looking for? Or maybe it was a community to tap into from time to time. Or should we pick one project we can rally around and make it happen? Again, I recognize it's difficult to step away from our own individual projects and efforts but perhaps if we take a moment to consider what we as a global community need to succeed, perhaps we can make it a reality."