Friday, March 14, 2014

Barkingside Heritage Trail Trial
– Saturday 29 Mar 2014

As part of Better Barkingside project and responding to a request by Area 3 Committee, the project team including architects DKCM/Europa are aiming to produce a “heritage trail” for Barkingside.

We have undertaken some early research on this and we believe we have the basis of a route and some initial ideas regarding the ‘sights’ along the way (see attached paper). We would very much like to explore Barkingside and its surrounding area with people who live in the area and draw on their extensive knowledge of its history and places of interest. This can be fed into the selection and design process.

We are looking for a range of items from places of interest, buildings, notable people from the area, stories, events and the working lives of people. There may be other things that would be of interest.

We are planning a walk around Barkingside to map the route and gather information about the area at 1pm on Saturday 29th March commencing from Fairlop Station. We have been kindly offered the support of David Martin (Fairlop Heritage Group) and John Sharrock (Barkingside 21) and we hope to have some other notable local voices with us as well.

I will try to provide a map of the route before this time. If you would like some further information or have ideas that would contribute to the process, please contact Matthew Maple by email. I’m on leave the week beginning 17th March so if you could leave an email, I will respond to it on my return. I will be back the week beginning 24th March.

It would be great if you can join us.

On another note, we are hoping that there will be several of the ‘Frontage’ projects taking place over the next few weeks. These include Catwalk, Fleet Furniture, Headstrong and Love Nails. We are also anticipating that over the last week of March and first week of April, the Fairlop Waters pedestrian entrance feature will be constructed, the Fairlop Station ‘enamel images’ will be implemented and we will be installing the ‘Leisure Centre Street Gallery’.

Please see the Redbridge-i website for further details and business initiatives.

Matthew Maple
Interim Team Leader Environment and Implementation
T: 020 8708 2078

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  1. See you in the Oak at 10 past 1 then.

  2. don't know if the little cottage is still in the orchard next to the dick turpin it was once said to be occupied by dick turpins girlfriend,i am sure the building had a name but I am not sure,it was also rumoured that there was a tunnel that connected the church to either the pub or the cottage for him to evade capture not sure if this is true but may be worth asking an oldie in the DT.i am sure you will be stopping for refreshments.....

  3. Yes it is still there but sadly in a bad state of repair, it is leased with the land belonging to the DT.

  4. NeighbourhoodWatcher6:05 pm, March 17, 2014

    Barkingside Station (built by the Great Eastern Railway in 1902-03) has longer platforms and more comfortable waiting rooms than a typical suburban railway station because it was used by Royal Trains bringing visitors to Barnardo's. Village.

  5. bit like the rest of the pub now...I used to work there many years ago when is was a beefeater,very vibrant and busy,the childrens area is no more and the garden/s are very unkempt very sad to see just goes to show that its all about money for this new company rather than a good dining/drinking experience

    1. I understand it's as bad at the former Camelot (previously The Beehive) at Lambourne End and others operated by the same company.