Thursday, February 13, 2014

Think Jessica

"The Think Jessica campaign was started by Jessica's daughter Marilyn Baldwin in 2007 after five years of struggling to find help for her mother. Her aim was to educate others about the powerful phycology criminals use to trap their targets and make them understand how this is strong enough to turn them against their loved ones and those trying to help them. Think Jessica is now a registered charity supported by countless agencies, organisations and police forces nationwide and is committed to making people aware of the danger and financial implications caused by postal and telephone scams, educating professionals and protecting the most vulnerable members of our society from illegal practices. 
Along with awareness raising events Think Jessica organises national poster campaigns. "Silence of the Scams" posters are currently being displayed on billboards in train stations, super markets and shopping centres nationally. Think Jessica banners warning people about scams and advertising free "Scam Mail is Black Mail" booklets have been displayed on of buses."
The Redbridge Pensioners Forum meet regularly (approx fortnightly) at Central Library, Ilford. Contact John Coombes for more information.

Redbridge Neighbourhood Watch wants to encourage residents to join or start a watch, looking out for vulnerable neighbours. Register at the website here for more information plus support and guidance.

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