Thursday, February 27, 2014

Call Out For Eco Artists
- Redbridge Green Fair

The Redbridge Green Fair is a multi-cultural, green and community event that takes place every two years in the wonderful East London borough of Redbridge! The 12th Redbridge Green Fair will take place this year on Sunday the 25th May in Valentines park in Ilford. The festival is run completely by volunteers and is an established part of the London Borough of Redbridge calendar.

The committee are looking for (preferably) locally based community and/or eco and environmental artists to take part in the all day event and engage the festival goers of all ages.

Examples of artists work that has appeared in previous festivals include: Poetry workshops, an Eco-fashion area, storytelling workshops, community yoga, Land art workshops, making musical instruments out of recycled objects and much more! We are always open to new and inspirational ideas of ANY art form that promote green living and engage our community.

Please get in touch with ideas you may have!

Our budget is limited but we do have some money available for artists fees. However we would ask you to understand that this is a community event and we can't afford rates that other large festivals may offer.

Thank you!


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Editor: Perhaps this blog's resident art "critics" might like to come up with something? A Victor Meldrew lookalike stall maybe, offering 'sustainable grumpy' lessons?

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  1. I have attended to last two Green Fairs. Well worth a visit - if only for the plant stakll which is run by a family from North Essex (I believe). I have bought plants from them at the Fair and later online, too - so that I now have over 20 varieties of mint in my rear garden (in pots, I would add, for it spreads like wildfire in the soil unless contained). And watching the wood turners and other crafts was great too. I will be there again this year. Thanks for the date which is now firmly in my diary.