Friday, February 28, 2014

Benefits Avenue – The Awful Truth

I was rather shocked recently to receive a letter from The Pension Service telling me that I am now on “benefits”. I hadn’t realised that all the National Insurance payments I made during my working life would lead to me receiving a ‘benefit’ as opposed to a State Pension. I thought that Benefits were for poor people who are either unemployed or low waged and can’t afford the rent without starving the children as per “Benefits Street”. Of course that’s what the establishment media want us to believe. The reality is quite different when we widen our gaze to other media outlets as per below. Note the absence of any link to the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Daily Express etc. from a Google search. Aunty Beeb is in there but they, like teachers, are all commies aren’t they?

UKIP housing spokesman trousering a fortune renting to migrants on benefits despite party's policies

Wealthy private landlords are being exposed as the new face of the benefits scrounger taking Britain for a ride

Mega-rich landlords are the real scroungers

Tenants 'ripped off' by letting agents keeping deposits

Private renting in England reaches four million homes

Richest MP in Britain slams welfare state but makes £625k a year in housing benefit

Make benefit claimants pick fruit says minister who happens to own a Strawberry farm.

Private landlords pocket millions from housing benefit

Private landlords pocket £23bn in housing benefit

Prince Charles pockets £163K in housing benefits

Duchy of Cornwall and Crown Estate 'received over £200,000 in housing benefit payments last year'

One Person Forced Onto Housing Benefit Every Five Minutes

Foreign investors snap up 70% of all central London new build homes fuelling a surge in prices

Third of ex-council homes now owned by rich landlords

Councils are renting sold Right to Buy homes

And here is the breakdown of the UK Benefit Budget.

You will see that by far the biggest portion of the pie is State Pensions - so the scope for reducing the Welfare State, as seems to be at least the stated aim of recent successive governments, is somewhat limited in the short term unless the State Pension is targeted. And only a fool would do that wouldn’t they …

I see an agenda here. The problem is that we have an ageing population who are house blocking the market which is creating a housing price bubble so only the already wealthy can afford to buy as an investment. This is caused by draconian Health & Safety laws imposed upon us by the European Union which have reduced industrial disease and deaths so let’s get out of the EU and repeal all these rubbish laws. Then there is the National Health Service who keep repairing us when we have accidents or heart attacks and prolonging our average lifespan. So, let’s privatise it so that only the rich can afford healthcare. But there’s a slight problem with our youth. We don’t want them getting on and being able to afford all these houses coming onto the market because the old are dying off, so let’s screw up the education system. Now we are getting somewhere – only the rich can afford real estate so they can buy up all the property as buy-to-let and rake in £millions in Housing Benefit ……… except there’s no-one left to pay the tax to pay the housing benefit except the rich who then squeel at draconian tax rates. Oh dear!


  1. Renaming as a 'Benefit' the state pension, for which we have paid all our working lives, is a political process to make the gullible believe that it comes directly out of a benevolent Dave's pocket, thus proving what a thoroughly nice chap he is and how superior he is to us low mortals. This is recognised in the higher echelons of parliament as 'cutting the peasants down to size', and it won't stop there until May next year.

    1. And whoever is there after May 2015 the patronising attitudes will not stop then either.

  2. white dee,black dee and what dee will you bside21?

    1. I might bee an oppressed Ginger Dee ....

  3. It occurred to me that there are not that many billions in the country as the population in still in the 60+ millions, however supposing that many applicants made several claims would that explain the uptake?
    Does unemployment benefit still have to be repaid if or when a job is got?

  4. All very funny and very cynical, Mr B 21. Conspiracy theorists have nothing on you.

    The real problem began with the government of the 1980's forcing Local Authorities to allow their tenants to buy their properties for ludicrously small sums, and then preventing them from building more. The local authorities were on the whole excellent landlords: the properties were well maintained, rents were reasonable and tenants had security of tenure.

    There will always be a need for rented housing and the growth of local authority housing and institutions such as the Peabody Trust was a counter to greedy private landlords who could charge high rents for decrepit property because tenants had no choice. We are back in that 19th Century situation now, with only Housing Asociations offering any alternative to individual private landlords, who are and always have been able to buy up cheaper properties and, because they are using the homes as an investment vehicle, are only interested in the bottom line. Subsequent governments have shown no interest inreversing the situation.

    The solution would be to allow Local Authorities to buy and/or build homes which would be allocated on the basis of the length of time the person or family had resided in the Borough. All Local Authority housing stock, little as it now is, should be removed from Right to Buy.

    I will add a deeply unfashionable view.Is it really possible to argue that the unexpected numbers of incomers from the EU has had no effect on the shortage of housing, especially in the Capital and other major cities?

  5. Not the correct thread, but near enough!
    Yesterday, I became aware that you can get a reduction in your Council Tax if you are on low income. Now, the twist: if your basic old-age pension is increased, they automatically adjust the Council Tax so that the increase in your income is kind of wiped-out. Is this right? If it is, DISGRACEFUL.

    1. For 65 years now civil servants who are paid a pension suffer a "downward adjustment" when they become eligible for the state retirement pension.