Friday, February 07, 2014

And there’s More
– Barkingside Landmarks

Following on from the Oak and the Vine artwork due to be installed at the bottom of Craven Gardens more details have emerged on other artwork projects associated with a Better Barkingside.

There are to be three murals on the south supporting wall of the Fairlop bridge. The one on the left is meant to depict the way to Fairlop Waters. The middle one represents the tube line above which transports travellers into central London. And on the right is a depiction of the way to Barkingside Town Centre. The planning application is 2947/13.

This way to Fairlop Waters

A ride into the City

This way for Barkingside Town Centre

So, now we’ve attracted Fairlop Station users, who presumably will be on foot, to the delights of Fairlop Waters we need some form of welcome at the pedestrian entance by the zebra crossing. Here it is – an archway with the pillar blocks depicting the historic ages of Fairlop Plain. The planning application is 3180/13.


  1. Redbridge VISIONaries must have money to burn either that or one of em has got an artist "friend"........must be all the money they are getting from the fines (see daily mail today) shame it could not be spent on the kiddies or the elderly in the borough....

  2. Let's not be too hard on Vision this time. Although I rarely find myself in agreement with anything coming from that source I must admit there is a certain charm about these murals. My approval however is tempered by the prospect of an enormous outlay of public money which might be necessary to pay for them. However the crudity of the art - and I use the word 'crudity' in the nicest possible context - lends me to think it's been commissioned by Vision as school project, in which case the only cost would be in the erection of the supporting bases, but that remains to be seen (no pun intended). I rest my case.

  3. it would be nice if you were right Alfred but i do think the consistency of the drawings tell me otherwise and also that a school probably would not allow "boobies" (picture no.1)

  4. Well most of us became familiar with them at a very early age.

  5. If the national dailies are to be believed, sex education in schools begins much earlier than reading, writing and drawing. Incidentally, perhaps I should have used the word 'primitive' (? primitivity) rather than 'crudity' in describing those murals. I think that is the accepted term nowadays. After all, David Hockney's been getting away with that kind of stuff for years.