Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Pocket Park – Virginia Gardens

I don’t know where the report that the Pocket Park in Virginia Gardens had been delayed and was now scheduled for completion in June came from. I passed by today on my way to the Fairlop Oak and it looks to me like good progress is being made and it is really taking shape. The sun deck itself is gone and the new balcony/ramp alongside the swimming pool building has been built. They have started to lay the paving and kerb stones marking out the planting areas. The trees have arrived (there are more to the left and right of the picture) and there are two huge mounds of top soil waiting to be used to bed them in. And if you look closely behind the yellow dumper truck just to the left of centre (as Cllr Prince described B21 this afternoon) you will see the Harry Moth Christmas Tree, but I doubt it cost £15,000 like this one.

There has also been activity in the main square. The pile of rubble seems to be never ending but the steps up to, and the elevated area itself, by the main entrance to the library is one helluva lot of material to move. One hopes it will be re-used as hardcore in construction work elsewhere.

Two months to go – doable.


  1. LOOKING GOOD...can just see this being used for Christmas carols next christmas.....

  2. It is the Square where the delays have made completion now about July, not the pocket park
    There were various construction/ demolition reasons for this, quite apart from the dreadful weather!
    A shame that the project will not be completed earlier but worth waiting for. Like you I look forward to the finished scheme and community events being held there