Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Missing – Cllr P. V. Faning J.P.

Back in July 2012 we reported the disappearance of the commemorative plaque that was located on the outside wall of the New Fairlop Oak public house. We asked Redbridge Council to replace it and they agreed to do so. Fortunately I had taken a photograph of it before it went walkies and this photograph was passed on to council officers so that they could replicate the inscription. We did not expect the new plaque to be made of cast iron, like the old one, but we did expect the words to be the same. Unfortunately, it seems that the reinstatement has gone through a committee groupthink process and as a result has lost its charm and historical context as well as any mention of the councillor, and mayor, who planted the landmark tree on the roundabout. What do you think? Compare and contrast.

photo courtesy of David Martin


  1. They could not organise an orgy in a brothel.

  2. Miserable - Lady from Seven Kings replaced their men of trees plaques in Seven Kings Park fairly cheaply if you want details - go and have a look.