Sunday, December 15, 2013

What’s Going on at Fairlop Waters?

Lots. The new memorial for those who served at the airfields in both world wars is now in place, courtesy of the Fairlop Heritage Group and Vision RCL. Vision’s events team are currently planning an event to commemorate the centenary of the First World War to take place in 2014.

For those who mourned the loss of Al’s Adventure Playhouse we can report that the new indoor play facility is now open as of Tuesday 10th December. It is called Owl’s Play Centre. Of course some will be too old to use it now but let’s not be pedantic and count our blessings.

The main clubhouse has seen some changes. The conservatory has been re-built to accommodate a balcony on its roof overlooking the lake and accessible from the Lakeside suite function room on the first floor; which is now licensed to hold wedding and civil partnership ceremonies. Lakeside meeting and function use is up 60% on 2011/2012

For golfers there is a new PGA Professional on site, Jo James, and the Junior Academy is going strong with usage up 10% on 2011/2012. The driving range has been refurbished as has the path to the golf course and putting area. As part of general maintenance the fifth tee has been re-turfed.

On the lake the new Fairlop rowing club is now up and running, or should we say floating? There has been some extensive work carried out on the angling lake swims and paths and a new path linking Oaks Lane to the Country Park via the golf course is underway.

But why are you still reading this? Get over there and take a look for yourself.

UPDATE: For those who actually visited Fairlop Waters recently, they would have seen this. Flags were used on 11 November and this year we commemorated those who served from South Africa. The flags were lowered out of respect for Nelson Mandela. Photo supplied by David Martin


  1. "Get over there and take a look for yourself."

    Certainly! What time is the next bus ...?

    1. Train every 10 minutes from Newbury Park to Fairlop,

    2. I didn't realise you were so energetic these days, Morris!

      You'll probably have completed your sprint along Forest Road before I get down the stairs from the platform ...!

  2. lets hope they keep some decorum and keep the bass on the music volume down this summer,other wise a very nice place.

  3. How fortunate we are that those odd fellows who wanted the London City All Weather Racecourse did not get their way - and there are some very well-known folk around who did want it but I guess they will now hide in the undergrowth of the superb country park and not dare to show their faces! Yes, we are so fortunate to have Fairlop Waters - thanks to all those folk who had the guts and the vision to fight when the going got tough. Happy Christmas and may you enjoy Fairlop Waters in the New Year. As for a bus, you must be joking! Tfl - that well known gang of overpaid oiks - will not agree to a bus along Forest Road to Fairlop Waters and the Crematorium - it would cost a pittance and might mean that they would not get a pay increase next year to add to their over-blown salaries! Hey ho!

  4. anything was better than a housing estate as I think was feared.

  5. very very shortsighted , fairlop waters is still a massive opportunity for everyone of all ages just try using the vision.a new multi purpose sports centre with swimming pools in door and out(close the very outdated barkingside) wellness centre for the elderly.more better seating.scrap the monstrositys built with the lottery money.completely refurbish the whole bar reastaurant area.this could just be the start,at the moment the whole park is still stagnating,someone needs to get things going to attract a lot more people than at present.victoria park in hackney has got this vision .