Friday, December 13, 2013

The Quietways Programme

Quietways are a network of quiet routes on safer low volume traffic back streets (where sensible cyclists already ride) and aimed at new and less confident cyclists. This is part of the London Mayor’s Vision for Cycling and the routes will in many cases be built on what has already been done in the past and be as direct as possible.

Transport for London (who can’t even provide a lift at Newbury Park station without running into financial difficulties) have commissioned Sustrans to work with all London boroughs in the pilot phase of the Quietways programme. Sustrans report that they have now met with all London boroughs (apart from Westminster and City) and have created a long list of potential Quietway routes. Out of over 250 routes, 6-8 will be selected in late January to be studied, ready for the first Quietway to be delivered by the end of 2014!

Unfortunately the aspirations of Redbridge “Biking Borough” council to be a mini-Holland have taken a knock. We were not chosen by the Greater London Authority or Transport for London as a finalist in the full scheme but we do appear to be eligible for some leftover scraps from the main feast, as explained by the council leader here.

It is disappointing that Redbridge will not be at the forefront of this pioneering development, now that the Cycling Liaison Group has been re-established after being forgotten in the committee shake up earlier this year.

Its reconstitution is very important as Sustrans will be looking to engage with the local communities living in the vicinity of the first Quietways and that’s where they will need some help! They will be organising events and surveys along the proposed Quietways to talk to passing cyclists to ensure the proposals are good. All very excycling!

Anyone interested in this progarmme (that’s you Paul Canal) are welcome to attend a meeting with Sustrans at their offices in Farringdon on 26th February 2014 at 6pm when programme manager Kelly Clark will be on hand to explain all.

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