Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Rotating the Squad #Redbridge

In the wake of Andre Villas-Boas being sacked by Tottenham Hotspur for over-rotating his squad, not having a settled team, and forcing a star striker to train with the apprentices, the Redbridge Council Leader, Keith Prince (on the right above), has decided to rotate his squad of players and bring back a star striker from the wilderness of Area 3 committee.

Dropped from the first team are Cllr Alex Wilson, who was responsbile for this own goal, Cllr Tak Chan and Cllr Ashok Kumar, the latter two having both played for the borough as Mayor. In their places he brings in Cllr Ruth Clark who impressed in the Gants Hill regeneration tournament and who will be playing a central midfield holding role at Planning and Public Protection, with returns for the experienced Cllr Robin Turbefield playing wide right at Regeneration, Business and Communities and Cllr Mrs Joyce Ryan resuming her passion up front at Leisure. See the Ilford Recorder’s Sports section here.

The highly rated wide right player Cllr Paul Canal remains firmly seated on a bench in the Nightingale.

It is thought that Cllr Prince was unhappy with the teams recent performance and that it was playing too narrow. These moves appear to be designed to give the team more width and more striking power up front and the formation suggests he wants to play a more attacking, attractive and entertaining game of politics by playing a high line and pressing hard up the pitch.

However, he does not appear to have too much talent to play wide left, but it is understood that he will be trying to improve his squad in the transfer window on May 22nd 2014.

Pundit Alan Handsom on B21s MOTD in the Fairlop Oak yesterday said “You can’t win an election with kids” and followed up with “You have to be great to rotate”.


  1. Keith "Night of the Long Knives" Prince- the 50th Anniversary

    The term Night of the Long Knives in British politics is used for a major Cabinet reshuffle that took place on 13 July 1962. Prime Minister Harold Macmillan dismissed seven members of his Cabinet, one-third of the total. The speed and scale of the reshuffle caused it to be associated by its critics with the 1934 Night of the Long Knives in Germany.
    The reshuffle took place against a backdrop of declining Conservative popularity in Britain. Conservative candidates fared poorly in several by-elections, losing ground to Liberal candidates. Concerned that traditional Conservative voters were expressing their disapproval with the government's economic policies by switching to the Liberals, or in todays case UKIP
    It is sad that there is so little new talent is available that he has to resort to recycling the same old faces.
    And that Tory Leaders have to resort to the same blooddbath as 50 years ago

  2. It was about Macmillan's Night of the Long Knives reshuffle that Jeremy Thorpe, paraphrasing Shakespeare, said "Greater love hath no man than this, that he lays down his friends for his life".

    It didn't work for Macmillan then, it won't work........

    1. It's a reshuffle, or rotation as B21 puts it, nothing more. Anyone would think we have had a leadership coup and a mass defection to the Independent ranks as Redbridge Labour did not so long ago.

  3. Of course with with other scandals,the bloodbath was the cause of the Leader being forced to resign the next year after the "Night of the Long Knives"

  4. >"highly rated wide right player Cllr Paul Canal"

    But this is a team game?

    1. If you are going to play a tippy-tappy sterile game then you need a maverick to Bale you out. It may be Messy but ...

  5. It is only a team game when you are hunting for support, otherwise it is everyone for themselves, and the devil take the hindmost