Monday, December 09, 2013

Policing our Parks and Open Spaces

Scrambler bike pictureIt seems to have gone a bit quiet so I thought an update would be in order. To recap Redbridge Council introduced a Parks Police Team in 2006 and very effective they were too. Then 2 years ago they were disbanded in favour of a BOGOF (Buy one get one free) offer from the London Mayor and we got the Redbridge Community Police Team instead. They have a wider remit but are still controlled by Redbridge Council and please note, the 3 year BOGOF deal expires next October after the local elections in May.

Part of the reason for this lack of communication is that any information to be released has to be approved by so many different departments that by the time it’s ready it is out of date. But I can assure you they are still there and doing what it says on the tin - policing our parks and open spaces – I had a visit from one of the sergeants on Sunday afternoon. They still have issues with scrambler bikes, although not nearly as much as pre 2006, and drug dealing etc. They actively patrol our parks and open spaces using a Mitsubishi Shogun, their own Scramblers, Bicycles and on foot. Obviously some places, like Roding Valley Park, are difficult to access with a Shogun so that’s where the bikes are effective.

The bottom line is that the RCPT can be contacted directly on 07904 640 042 – tap it into your mobile phone now. If you are out and about and have a problem in a park or open space or see something suspicious then let them know. That’s what they are there for. Use ‘em or lose ‘em.

As always, in an emergency dial 999 or 112 mobile.

More detailed information on the RCPT can be found on the Redbridge Website including their hours of operation.


  1. Very disappointing - when I first read it I thought you said they visit the parks with a shotgun.........

    1. It could be a typing error?

  2. My spies tell me that Redbridge Council are the respondents to proceedings on 5 and 6 February brought in the High Court by the former Parks Police who were so shamefully treated by the council.

  3. Well I have just seen this as I haven't visited this sight lately. More fool me. The policing propaganda machine by way of the RCPT. Questionable reasoning. " Use them or lose them". Well here's another update that is based on an alternative view. Deputy Leader at the decision night Council Mtg. We will be able to free up £90k for additional park keepers. Well that never happened and in fact there are less keepers now than there were then. Exact numbers and names are available if you want them. Austerity and savings have nothing to do with the promise. PROPER police officers can do a lot more. Well in general terms that is right. Unfortunately what the PP did they did in Parks and Open Spaces, very effectively, figures showed it. The current RCPT haven't undertaken any prosecutions for bye law offences. It is suggested that they don't have the power to do so. That is wrong take a look at the last part of the bye laws where it says "a Constable". That is actually not a parks constable it is the PROPER Constable i.e. the MPS version of this illustrious group. Parks Constables were simply local authority employees who had an enforcement capability. No different in effect to other Council Enforcement Employees. Finally the weekly/fortnightly tasking group at Ilford. Now it seems that the RCPT are tasked with a lot more outside the Parks than in. Well in order to make sure people observe park rules and allow others to go about their business you have to spend a significant amount of time in them. One thing that is somewhat amusing is that if you see anything you have to ring their mobile number. Now that is similar to the old PP system other than the PP were only patrolling the parks. The RCPT could be anywhere undertaking their current tasking. Not much to task in the parks. They were always told that they had to have scramblers to deal with scramblers. There was a promise they would have them. Didn't materialize. There is no surprise in that when you think about the way the PP were dispensed with. In this election year you might want to ask questions of those who want to be Councillors about what was really the reason for the PP going. I am looking forward to them knocking on my door.