Sunday, December 29, 2013

Never mind the Science
– Feel the Troof!

At midnight on the 24th December a large stream of digital pulses erupted from the keyboard of UKIP Ilford (Richard King) and sped towards Barkingside 21. At two hundred million bytes per second, invisibly hurtling towards us across fibre optic interspace, came the comment that was to bring so much hilarity to the pixels of Barkingside 21s computer screen.

It was a link to a youtube video of a "speech" made by an elected Australian politician back in February 2013. It was immediately placed in quarantine until it could be vetted and issued a read permit with appropriate warnings attached. Anything with a link from David Icke’s website has got to be suspicious … we are, apparently, known by the company we keep.

The video is here and a summary is here.

The basis of the speech is that a small number of white men in suits got together in Rome in 1968 to manufacture a spoof global threat that would unite us all so they could introduce their New World Order and control every aspect of our lives. The threats they manufactured were environmentalism, climate change, pollution, sea acidification, resource depletion et al and the mechanism they introduced in order to drive the New World Order forward (24 years later!) was Agenda 21.

This is what is known as a Conspiracy Theory (in the pejorative sense) and can be found in the Fiction section at libraries. There is already an excellent de-bunking of the speech here and further insight into the unseemly nature of the speaker here. So I will take a slightly different tack in response.

What intrigues me is the psychology. This politician is doing precisely what she accuses others of doing. (DARVO – Deny, Attack and Reverse Victim and Oppressor) She is manufacturing a threat – the New World Order and Agenda 21 – in order to scare people into voting for her and her agenda. So, what is her agenda? Well, like UKIP she doesn’t seem to like “every aspect of our lives being controlled” but is quite happy to propose legislation forcing every school child to have compulsory drug tests, raise the legal drinking age from 18 to 21 as well as banning “Pokies” (slot machines). And the irony is that a Google search will find lots of abusive sites accusing “greens” of being eco-fascists, whereas in fact the whole point of Agenda 21 is about localism and local control. Isn’t it wonderful how right wing authoritarians wear the masque of “liberty”?

Richard King on twitter picks out the words “#AGENDA21 is profound reorientation of society + unprecedented redeployment of human + financial resources = YOU!” Well, what were the agricultural, industrial and information revolutions FFS? Yes it is. We are facing some major shock waves and here's another video on four things we need to do to prepare. Dib dib, dob dob!

UKIPs manufactured bogey man is of course the European Union who encourage things like clean renewable energy, cycling, public transport and freedom of movement which is responsible for the hoards of migrants looking after our sick and elderly as well as cooking and cleaning for us and looking after the children while we are out chasing fox trails or shooting badgers, pip pip.

Meanwhile climate scientists continue to compile inconvenient evidence.
Scientist Julienne Stroeve has studied Arctic ice for decades. Every summer she travels north to measure how much ice has melted. She knows that climate change is melting the ice fast, but a recent trip surprised even her. Vast areas of Arctic ice have disappeared, beyond our worst expectations.
This is what the experts warned us about. As the earth warms, it creates many "tipping points" that accelerate the warming out of control. Warming thaws the Arctic sea ice, destroying the giant white 'mirror' that reflects heat back into space, which massively heats up the ocean, and melts more ice, and so on. We spin out of control. In 2013 everything -- storms, temperatures -- was off the charts.
To paraphrase Plato:
The penalty for not engaging in politics is that you end up being governed by [insert own description].

Oh and here’s a good one for the 9/11 Truthers and Jedi Knights everywhere.


  1. I love the video “four things we need to do to prepare” and I completely agree that then main long term issues we face are over-population, protecting our environment, and living within our means. It seems we want the same things. There is just from one rather large flaw. Our planet is being destroyed TODAY by 7 billion+ people NOT by man-made CO2 and Climate Change. The rainforests and our natural environments are being chopped down, farmed on, built and concreted over TODAY to meet the needs of 7 billion+ hungry people. We don't need to wait for 50 years just in case the sea might rise 1 or 2 inches, or for the ice caps to melt. If people are really worried about the planet then deal with the real cause of today’s environmental destruction which is over population. Carbon dioxide is a complete red herring (or would be if we had any herring left in the sea). No one is prepared to deal with today’s real problems, and government, big business + religions do not like the idea of shrinking populations. They all want (respectively) more voters, GDP + taxpayers, more consumers, more converts.
    There has always been natural climate change (storms, hurricanes, droughts, floods, etc) governed by the changing energy output from our sun and the movement and orbits of the earth and other planets. The effect of man-made CO2 is tiny and is swamped by the CO2 output from volcanoes and other natural CO2 reservoirs such as the seas and forests. Of course we need to protect the environment, recycle and make everything more efficient, but we are ignoring the real cause of today’s destruction which is over-population, not CO2.
    The Man-made Climate Change idea is now one of the biggest global $ multi-billion political + corporate alliances on the planet allocating £ billions to its favoured projects and schemes, so of course lots of scientists (who need funding) support the idea + hundreds of thousands of peoples jobs are now dependent on this theory being true. However, there are also many respected scientists who do not support the man made climate change hypothesis and who’s views are suppressed and ridiculed. With new extraction technology and the discovery all over the world of huge reserves of cheap shale gas and shale oil, it is no longer true that we are in immediate danger of running out of energy, but the man made climate change movement is now so strong that developing these resources is being restricted and our people must continue to suffer and pay massive green taxes to pay for unsightly and environmentally destructive wind and solar farms (which pay huge subsidies to already rich landowners) and are dreadfully inefficient and only produce electricity when the wind blows or the sun shines.
    Remember climate change used to be called Global Warming ... but since the world hasn’t warmed for the last 15 years it has been re-branded as climate change. When successive Global Warming predictions prove incorrect the computer models are simply tweaked and new theories invented (e.g. tipping points, the heat/energy has gone somewhere else, etc) to keep the funds flowing. Look out of the window ...What global warming? Look out the window ... We can all see the massive environmental destruction taking place today caused by over-population in Britain and everywhere else on the planet. Today’s problems are nothing to do with CO2.
    Let’s face the real problem which is over-population, and start protecting our environment properly, and learning how to live within our means. A good start would be to regain control of our own UK population by re-introducing the controlled immigration policy we always used to have before the EU lawmakers took control of our country and introduced freedom of movement and open borders. There will never be a global government or global consensus. These problems need to be addressed now on a national, local and human scale. That's what independent democratic nations do ... find national and local solutions for our national and local problems.

    1. Excess population is caused not only by immigration, but also by excessive copulation.

    2. Please explain how the UK leaving the EU and introducing border controls in any way, shape or form addresses or solves the world's "over population problem".

    3. "First remove the log from your own eye" ...
      If we cannot solve our own UK population problems how can we hope to lecture others on what to do ?
      First we must take control of our own British population expansion, and a controlled immigration policy is a fundamental first step to do this.
      Once we have left the EU, a sovereign British parliament would have the ability to lead the way and show the world how it can be done.
      Each country is different and has different issues and cultures. There is no single global solution that can be forced on all nations. Each must find their own way.

    4. Richard,
      Apologies for the delay in publication of your last two comments. As I recall it was the subject of population which I challenged on your Facebook account timeline that led to you unfriending me so I no longer have access to it. I have been searching the cyberspace of my hard drive to see if I had kept a copy and I did … here it is…

      OK Richard. I could use the research on population and sustainable food production but you will probably argue that it is funded by people with a vested interest and therefore biased. So I will do as you suggest – I will look out the window and think for myself.

      What I see is a very unequal world where very few rich people are plundering the earth’s resources and causing all sorts of environmental damage and a great many poor people who are hardly a burden on the environment at all simply because they cannot afford the things that the rich people can.

      So the problem is not the size of the population, the 7 billion. If we got rid of 5 billion poor people the problem would still be the same. The problem lies with the few rich people who are over consuming and living non-sustainable and wasteful life styles (we throw away about 33-40% of our food) and who are responsible for the pollution in our atmosphere which in turn is causing Anthropogenic Global Warming or Climate Change.

      The next question is how do we lift all those poor people out of poverty while maintaining a healthy life support system otherwise known as our environment which, btw does not respect national boundaries. The answer and the key of course is sustainability and localism which is what Agenda 21 is all about. Act local, think global. Of course there are some who think that Agenda 21 is evil and a global conspiracy of vested interests designed to con us just like AGW or CC. Or maybe those people are resisting because they have a vested interest of their own - we could go on like this all day.

    5. Was it not the late Indira Ghandi who took control of population by offering a transistor radio in exchange for a simple surgical procedure?

  2. Now we getting to the truth of AGENDA 21 ...
    You say "I see a very unequal world where very few rich people are plundering the earth’s resources and causing all sorts of environmental damage and a great many poor people who are hardly a burden on the environment at all ...(and)... If we got rid of 5 billion poor people the problem would still be the same. The problem lies with the few rich people who are over consuming and living non-sustainable and wasteful life styles."
    So there we have it! The AGENDA 21 path is to "re-distribute the wealth of the 2 billion rich (in your example) and give it to the 5 billion poor people. Not quite sure how helps the environment but let’s skip that one for now. So AGENDA 21 wants to take a giant wrecking ball to the lives, communities, finances, standard of living, services, jobs, wages, pensions, etc. of the 2 billion so called "rich" people. The fundamental problem is that these 2 billion so called "rich" people ("who are over consuming and living non-sustainable and wasteful life styles") are all of us British. Everyone living in Britain fits your description. Our communities and those of other prosperous nations have worked damn hard to get their "riches" thank you and good for them. Helping poorer nations improve their standard of living is fine but NOT at the expense of destroying the wealth and prosperity of others.
    With these stated goals Agenda 21 is not a conspiracy THEORY, it is a real CONSPIRACY! ... i.e. to pretend to be interested in the welfare of local people here in the UK but all the time be planning to wreck their lives and re-distribute their wealth amongst the 5 billion poor of the world.
    No wonder there is little appetite for truth and real democracy as no one will vote to this! It has to be said though that the EU are doing a pretty good job of pushing the Agenda 21’s wealth re-distribution goals. Already half of southern Europe is on its knees, and apart from Germany every other EU country is stagnating or in recession.
    Thank you for being so frank and honest.

    1. Au contraire, Richard. Now we are getting to the truth of UKIP, or at least Richard King. Thank you for being so frank and honest and exposing the nasty face of UKIP.

      Nowhere did I write about re-distribution. I wrote about lifting poor people out of poverty without destroying the environment. It is known as compassion for one’s fellow beings and respect for nature, things you seem to lack. It is about removing exploitation of the poor so they also can lead fulfilling lives just like us and further enrich us in the process. Lifting them up to somewhere near our standards is actually beneficial, as they would then be able to afford the things we produce.

      All you seem to be interesting in is maintaining your own feather bed at the expense of others elsewhere, which were it not for others before you fighting against poverty here would not even exist.
      We, here in the UK, have demonstrated that it can be done, without re-distribution, yet your selfish ego will not allow your mind to consider a wider application for fear you will no longer be able to look down on others. Just pull up the ladder boys and let the rest go to hell in a hand cart. How charming of you.

      You have lost the argument big time and you have also lost any credibility for rational thought or debate. And right out here in the open as opposed to the confines of Facebook.

      I pity you Richard I really do.

      If you have a God then I hope he or she forgives you.

    2. Your second paragraph was interesting ... the rest was just personal and probably contravenes your own "Comments policy" but then it is your web site :)
      In your own words you said "The problem lies with the few rich people who are over consuming and living non-sustainable and wasteful life styles".
      Well everyone in the UK falls into this category! Everyone lives non-sustainable and wasteful life styles. No one rears, grows or gathers their own food, water or energy. The UK is nowhere near self-sufficient. Who are you kidding? The planet is not big enough for 7 billion people have their own self sufficient farm. We live in a global economy. We are a trading nation and we import what we do not produce ourselves. By trading with other nations for mutual prosperity we enrich everyone. No one is drawing up the ladder. UKIP want to increase our global trade with the rest of the world and particularly with our Commonwealth allies, rather than focusing on the ever smaller and shrinking EU market. Britain’s future (like it’s past) is trading with the world. It is trade, commerce and business that frees people from poverty by creating wealth and jobs, not taxes and punitive wealth re-distribution.
      You talk of poor people and say we must "Lift them up to somewhere near our standards" and "It is about removing exploitation of the poor so they also can lead fulfilling lives just like us" ... but this is so patronising and sounds like a Victorian missionary who thinks they know best for other people and cultures. Does it never occur to you that maybe other people and cultures don't want to be like us? and don't need to be "lifted up". Would you like to be lifted up by a rich American, Russian or Chinese missionary? And told how to live? I think not.
      No one is looking down on anyone else. Free democratic nations want to trade with each other, but all countries have a right and a duty to put their own citizen first, and to protect their culture, society and way of life. It is not possible for a state to fulfil these fundamental duties to its citizens with open borders and uncontrolled mass immigration.

    3. Has this taken over where the "Tom & Gerry Show" ended?

    4. Where do you get this stuff about Agenda 21from Richard? Is there a Big UKIP Book of Conspiracy Theories?

      You write “Everyone [in the UK] lives non-sustainable and wasteful life styles.” And you think it is OK to continue that do you?

      Let’s be clear here. Agenda 21 is not opposed to trade, even global trade. As you say there are some commodities we cannot make or produce. We support Fair Trade for example. But we support our local trade and local economy first. (Sounds a bit Ukipper that doesn’t it?) The idea being that it makes local communities more resilient (not self sufficient) to withstand any global economic shocks like the 1970s oil crisis and the blackouts. And a local community can vary in size. Have a look at the research on Sustainable Cities.

      Let’s also be clear about UK trade. The last time I looked over 50% of overseas UK trade was with non-EU countries. Being a member of the EU does not stop us trading with the rest of the world if we want to. I see no shortage of NZ lamb and butter, bananas or Chinese goods in our shops. It is also a no brainer that we could still trade with EU countries if we left the EU. But there is a snag. It would mean our goods would face import tariffs making us less competitive and also restrict foreign investment from overseas companies who want to trade with the EU, all affecting our economy, jobs, living standards, pensions etc. This is the basis of the question “the portly one” asked you in a comment on the other thread but which you have conveniently not answered. Please go and look in the big book for the answer.

      You write “It is trade, commerce and business that frees people from poverty by creating wealth and jobs, not taxes and punitive wealth re-distribution.” Britain was a trading nation for many years but it did not lift our poor out of poverty. That happened relatively recently and it was partly due to the sort of government interference you don’t like and partly due to innovation and technology which you also don’t like when it happens to be clean renewable energy sources. The sort of innovation that could, if allowed, provide energy resilience to local communities here in the UK – Agenda 21.

      So, you accuse me of being patronising, but you seem to delight in telling the British people what’s good for them and what isn’t without providing any evidence. Agenda 21 is not a prescription. It is a template which local communities everywhere can use if they wish, or ignore.

      There is nothing intrinsically wrong with having a global economy or global trade but recent developments have resulted in us exporting most of our manufacturing to the far east where labour costs are low. This is the real reason for our economic troubles and lack of jobs, not immigration. And I don’t see how leaving the EU would solve this tricky little problem.

      Agenda 21 on the other hand encourages local production. What is wrong with the UK producing the things we consume, where we can (as said we can’t do it all), here in the UK?

  3. Could B21 perhaps explain why, contrary to stated editorial policy, Richard King is apparently being permitted to turn this blog into a party political platform?

    1. Well, Morris. He is not “astroturfing” as he is not hiding his affiliation. We do allow political comment and debate, but I agree that his highly repetitive contributions have now developed to the point where they are tedious, possibly trolling, and other unpublished (and offensive) comments have also made that point. I have, however, rather enjoyed the opportunity to expose the “mis-truths and lies” spread by such people about Agenda 21 and also draw out the truth about UKIP. I think it is now time to call it a day and move on. He has his own Facebook page to play with.

      Ironic, isn’t it, that Barkingside 21 has controlled borders for comments. We welcome those who are prepared to make a positive contribution as opposed to those who just want to freeload on our hospitality.